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Reality Steve Apologized To Demi Burnett For Sharing His "Graphic Sex Dream"

by Candice Jalili
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

A famous Bachelor Nation figure crossed the line. On April 21, Bachelor in Paradise star Demi Burnett revealed Reality Steve (real name: Steve Carbone) made an "unwanted and unprompted sexual advance" by telling her about a "graphic sex dream" he had about her in August 2020. She backed up the story with a screenshot showing texts between her and Carbone in which he appeared to continue to discuss the dream.

Burnett recalled the phone call in a note on Twitter directed at Carbone. "You said, 'It was bizarre and something you couldn't put into writing,'" she wrote. "Fearing it was some gossip you heard about me, I agreed to talk on the phone with you. Then you proceeded to tell me about a graphic sex dream you had of me. I felt uncomfortable and wasn't sure how I should handle your unwanted and unprompted sexual advance. So, I laughed and tried to get off the phone with you as quickly as possible."

She continued, "I was always friendly to you and you took my friendliness as an excuse to trick me into listening to your sexual fantasies about me. It felt gross."

In the same tweet, she claimed he outed her as bisexual before she could privately share that information with her family. She also accused him of having a "problematic history of gossiping" about members of Bachelor Nation and sometimes even "spreading gossip that was false and damaging to those people."

"This has resulted in a sort of power you have over us," she wrote. "Out of fear of you talking about us. Many cast members in Bachelor Nation decide to have a professional relationship with you and be friendly hoping that might prevent you from gossiping about us."

Carbone apologized to Burnett on April 22. "I am apologizing now knowing how uncomfortable I made you feel," he wrote on Twitter. "I crossed boundaries I didn't think at the time I was crossing. I did not know this until today. So for that, I hope you can accept my apology."

When a follower pointed out that his apology seemed like it was blaming Burnett, he clarified, "I'm not blaming her at all. I did not know about how she felt until less than an hour ago. So once I found out she felt this way, I apologized to her both personally and here on Twitter."

Burnett came forward with her story about Carbone after the gossip blogger apologized for some misogynistic posts he had written in the past. The posts were originally called out during the April 20 episode of Bekah Martinez and Jess Ambrose's Chatty Broads podcast and Carbone responded with a series of tweets insisting that he's changed. "I’m embarrassed I thought that way, I’m embarrassed I wrote it, and ever since, I’ve done whatever I could to change that line of thinking," he wrote.

Burnett was not here for his apology. "No Steve! You haven't changed," she responded with an April 21 note posted to Twitter. "I wasn't going to ever say anything out of fear of criticism. But after being made aware of this tweet and your history of treating women. I had to say something."

While she admitted she used to be "afraid to say anything out of fear" of how Carbone may retaliate, she added "but then I thought of the many other future women to come on this show and I don't think they deserve it either. You haven't changed Steve and future women don't deserve your harassment either."