Why Your Quarter-Life Isn't A Crisis & It's When The Real Party Begins

Uh-oh, here it comes. The age of 25 can be sniffed out the second you turn 24, because it's notorious for instilling this fear in us that our lives need to be going as scheduled. It's a sensitive point in your life where self-reflection is at an all-time high, and if you perceive it the wrong way, you'll be stuck in a "who the hell am I?" limbo that'll be tormenting AF. You shouldn't see reaching your quarter-life as a crisis, because your life and the things you want out of it are just getting started.

No one really knows who began this 25 taboo, but people have taken it and turned it into a highly-anticipated freak out. There's a subliminal race to have all of your stones in place by your quarter-life, when in actuality, everyone deserves to go at their own pace. Katy Perry said it best, "Baby you're a firework," and there is no way in hell that your quarter-life is the peak of your sparkling glory. In other words, your life has so much more time to be lit.

Don't let the totally made-up demands of 25 strip you of the beauty that really comes along with this new age. Seriously, don't do it. Instead, consider the positive things that turning 25 actually means for you and the person you're evolving into every single day.

It's Time To Have Fun Making Some Mistakes

Did you totally goof on that interview or forget to read the fine print on your lease agreement? When you're 25, you may have this overwhelming feeling that so much is unpredictable and left up to chance. From your job, living situation, and adulting in general, you're bound to make some mistakes. Thankfully, these mistakes aren't so detrimental, and in the future, you'll see how silly and minuscule they really were.

You've Learned So Much So Far, And Still Have More To Go

Knowledge is power — and if there's anything that's free in your 20s, it's life's lessons. Yeah, you may be paying back Sallie Mae for that college education, but there's so much you've learned without her help. Adulting is rewarding and trying in that way.

It's key to remember that age isn't finite, nor is it a determination of what you have to know thus far. Your quarter-life is merely a milestone.

It's Prime Time To Make Those Dreams Of Yours Reality

The first couple of years in your 20s may have felt like a slippery slope, but your truest desires and dreams began circulating. Yeah, they sounded so unreal because you barely started feeling like an adult and couldn't comprehend how those goals were achievable quite yet. In that jumble of self-reflection during your quarter-life, those initial dreams are becoming much clearer and so, so attainable.

You Get To Determine What You Want Out Of The Rest Of Your 20s

Are you ready to move to a different city or embrace your true passion? While your quarter-life may mean you're halfway through a decade, you have a stronger sense of where you'd like to be when you've touched down to 30. Of course, you don't need a concrete plan, but you can feel confident in knowing that you have a sense of what you want from your second half. The first part was simply a warm-up.

Car Rental Companies Are Welcoming You With Open Arms

Quarter-life road trip, but don't want to put so many miles on your car? Turning 25 may have some added responsibilities, but it also has some epic perks. Dang, it feels so good to be taken a tad more seriously. Now, hand over the keys!

You Aren't Going Through It Alone, So Cheers To That

Growing up happens to everyone, and by now, you know your inner circle. You all are going through this milestone together. And when you all really sit back and think about it, it's not that bad at all. Honestly, it's another reason for you guys to celebrate and support each other.

You Are So Ready To Negotiate

Remember when you simply took things at face value for what they were? Well, you've kept those negotiation skills bottled up long enough, and in the midst of your quarter-life self-reflection, you find places that could use some adjustments.

You're ready to negotiate what you want out of a job and so much more. How insanely empowering is it to negotiate key factors in your life that affect your circumstances and potential opportunities? You got this.

Your quarter-life doesn't have to wear the negative connotations that have socially been assigned to it. The party is just getting started, and you better fist pump through it the entire time.