Sophie Turner stars in Quibi's new show, "Survive" launching on April 6

Wow, The Trailer For Sophie Turner's New Show 'Survive' Will Give You Chills

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Whether she's starring in her husband's music videos, having the most epic two weddings in history, or providing hilarious commentary on Instagram, Sophie Turner is one star people never grow tired of seeing. Viewers have been anxiously awaiting the next time she would appear on the small screen, and after lots of anticipation, it's finally happening. Quibi's Survive trailer promises Sophie Turner fans will see their Queen in the North very soon, so get hyped.

The trailer sets up a wild story: After being released from what appears to be a rehabilitation facility, Turner's character, Jane, heads to the airport and bumps into another character (played by Corey Hawkins) while boarding her flight home. Once on the plane, she goes into the on-air bathroom with the apparent intention of lethally overdosing on pills. While she's in there, though, the plane crashes and Jane appears to be one of two lone survivors, the other being Hawkins' character.

Together, the two passengers are left to face the snowy wilderness in an attempt to make it back to civilization. Between the jarring premise, the joy of seeing Turner on-screen again, and a plane crash scene that's sure to cause nightmares, you can bet fans are counting down the days until the first episode arrives on April 6.

Though there's not much more known about the series yet, with the setup of Jane's mental state and the fact that the only other person who survived the crash accidentally bumped into her at the airport and was sitting next to her on the plane, it seems there could be more psychologic elements to the story than meets the eye.

What makes Survive even more exciting is its home on Quibi, the newest streaming service that's going to change the viewing game. Survive launches the same day the platform become available, and with it comes a wide range of other new, star-studded scripted and unscripted shows. Each episode on the platform will be under 10 minutes long, which is the whole purpose of Quibi: to offer short, succinct episodes you can only watch with the mobile app. Fifty new shows, including Turner's, are set to launch with the platform drop which is good news for both television and Turner lovers everywhere.

Watch Survive and other new shows when Quibi launches on April 6, 2020.

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