FYI, Priyanka Was Just As Surprised As You When Nick Proposed To Her

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Knowing when to propose is a delicate cocktail of chemistry, foresight into your romantic future, and impeccable timing. "You'll know when you know," folks always say. There must be some truth to that school of thought, especially if Priyanka Chopra's quote about Nick Jonas' proposal is any indication. According to her interview for Elle UK's March 2021 issue, which dropped on Feb. 3, Jonas knew very early on in his relationship with Chopra that he was ready to marry her. (Read: very early on.)

The pop culture power couple started officially dating in May 2018 and Jonas literally proposed two months later in July. Let that sink in and marinate for a bit. "I didn’t expect the proposal at that point... It was two months!" Chopra told Elle UK. "I thought it would happen, but it was still a complete shock. I relinquished control, and I just went with it." I mean, if Nick Jonas proposed to me, sis... me too.

Chopra went on to recount how she and Jonas knew each other and met sporadically for two years before deciding to date exclusively.

A quick refresher: Jonas first made contact with Chopra in 2016 by sliding into her DMs. Don't you love a modern-day fairytale? They met IRL at the Vanity Fair Oscars party in 2017, and then attended the Met Gala red carpet together as friends.

Fast forward to May 2018, Chopra and Jonas started texting regularly. As Chopra recalled, a part of her wanted a serious relationship, but she was actually taking a break from dating when she and Jonas decided to go steady. "I was taking a hiatus from guys at that point. I didn’t want anyone romantically. But there’s always been something about Nick, which is why we always ended up staying in touch, no matter where we were," she explained. It's safe to say he changed her mind!


"One thing to know about my husband is that when he makes up his mind, he’ll get what he wants! When he knows, he knows," Chopra continued. "There’s such a sublime confidence to it that you can’t help but be like, 'Okay.'" Two months later, they were engaged.

Chopra's quotes in her Elle UK interview are so much more than a cute anecdote about a whirlwind romances. They're a reminder: You don't have to listen to what friends, family, and society says about relationship timelines. Tap into your intuition. If the timing is right for you, you'll know when it's right.