Priyanka Used To “Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night” To Check On Nick

by Candice Jalili
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Are you ready to feel some major feels? OK, then brace yourself for Priyanka Chopra’s quote about Nick Jonas’ diabetes, because it's freaking adorable. For those of you who may not know, Jonas has Type 1 diabetes, which means that his body has trouble producing insulin on its own. During an appearance on The View on Oct. 8, Chopra opened up about what getting accustomed to her husband's diagnosis has been like for her.

“Initially, when we first got married, I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that he knew when his sugar dropped, even when he was sleeping,” Chopra explained. “He has this crazy discipline. He feels it.”

In fact, she was so worried about it, that it started to interfere with her sleep. Chopra admitted to the hosts of The View that she would “wake up in the middle of the night to just check if everything’s okay for a really long time.”

Luckily, she eventually was able to trust that, after having been diagnosed for 13 years, her husband had a grasp on his illness and knew how to handle it without her help. And he's by no means letting the diagnosis stop him from living his life to the fullest.

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“He has been taking care of his diabetes since he was so young that he just has a crazy discipline about it. He knows exactly what to do, when to do it,” Chopra explained. “He lives the biggest life possible. He’s not restricted himself from anything. He plays sports, he’s touring — he lives an incredible life. It’s so inspiring to see.”

Jonas is so devoted to living a normal life that he started his own foundation to inspire others with Type 1 Diabetes to do the same. Chopra is so proud of her hubby's philanthropy that she even gave it a shoutout during The View. “When he [started] Beyond Type 1, his foundation, that’s what he wanted to show people,” she explained. “Even if you have Type 1 diabetes doesn’t mean that your life has to be different. You can live it to its fullest. It’s so inspiring to me.”

This isn't the first time Chopra has opened up about her love for her husband. In a 2018 interview with Hello magazine, she spoke about how Jonas swept her off her feet when he offered to tie the knot in India. "When Nick said to me that he wanted to marry his bride in her home, it melted my heart," she shared. "Being able to have two big weddings in India with our closest family and friends was unbelievably special."

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Moreover, Chopra took to Instagram in December 2018 to talk about how special it's been to merge her family with Jonas'. "One of the most special things that our relationship has given us is a merging of families who love and respect each other's faiths and cultures," she shared. "And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing."

And this is no one-way street, people. Jonas is just as smitten by Chopra as she is by him. "It was kind of an instant thing," he told Entertainment Tonight in January. "I knew once we locked in together that I had a partner for life and a teammate, someone I could walk through the good times and the bad times with, and that was the key. I’m blushing now!"

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These freaking cuties.

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