Prince William & Kate Middleton's Body Language On Christmas 2018 Was Picture Perfect

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Do you believe in Christmas miracles? After a year filled with angry Twitter rants and unexpected celebrity breakups, I was beginning to lose hope that 2019 would deliver any last-minute holiday cheer. But leave it to Prince William and Kate Middleton's body language on Christmas 2018 to remind me of the true meaning of Christmas, and every other holiday — women are strong and independent and don't need men to feel secure.

In previous years, Prince William and Duchess Kate used to alternate spending the holidays with the royal family and the Middletons. However, an inside source recently revealed to US Weekly that starting this year, the two are beginning to spend both Christmas Eve and day at Sandringham, and will go on to visit the Middleton family in Berkshire later on in the winter.

Though the duo have not commented publicly on their plans, you might be wondering: Why switch up their tradition all of a sudden? It's reportedly due to the queen's "advancing age," which has convinced her grandsons to spend as much treasured time over the holidays with her as they can. (Elite Daily reached out to Kensington Palace for comment, but didn't receive a reply by time of publication.)

This year, Prince William and Duchess Kate were joined by expecting parents, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, at Sandringham House. Tradition predicates that the royal family opens presents on Christmas Eve following their annual dinner, and attends church services on Christmas Day, where the core four were seen strutting in as a chic, rock-solid group.

Elite Daily spoke with body language expert, Traci Brown, about Prince William and Duchess Kate's body language on Christmas, who says that the couple seems stronger than ever.

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"Will and Kate are doing great," Brown tells Elite Daily. "Right as ever. Christmas in the limelight is just something they’re used to at this point. We see them with real smiles and walking in step." The couple appears to be all smiles, walking in stride with each other, while Duchess Kate chats pleasantly with her in-laws. It would appear that any reported feud rumors between the two are just that — rumors. (Elite Daily has reached out to the Palace for comment.)

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Brown went on to comment further on Prince William's father, Prince Charles, and his fast-paced gait, which signifies his place as the future King of England. "See how Charles is walking just a bit in front of everyone?" Brown says. "That’s his spot as the future king and the Fab Four is showing they’re a tight unit behind him. No feud, no discord."

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Prince William and Duchess Kate also went on to stop momentarily and shake the hands of the fans who had been awaiting their arrival on Christmas morning. The two appear pleasant and engaged, as they lock eyes with those that they greet, all the while never leaving each other's side.

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The holidays are a time to reflect upon the previous year and connect with those you love — whether you're the royal family (like Will and Kate), or just a royally-flushed family (my family after a few Christmas mimosas). But according to their body language, Prince William and Duchess Kate's Christmas wasn't just holly jolly — it was picture-perfect.

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