This Resurfaced Video Revealed Prince Harry's Surprisingly Relatable Nickname For Meghan Markle

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The internet is here to remind you once again that Prince Harry has got this whole husband thing down to an art, thanks to a resurfaced video that captures a candid and intimate moment between him and wife Meghan Markle. As soon as the Twitterverse dug up a video back from April 2018, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were attending an Invictus Games Reception at Australia House, royal fans got to hear Prince Harry's pet name for his bride. Surprisingly, Prince Harry's nickname for Meghan Markle is actually so normal, and this video documenting their adorable interaction will make your day.

In the video, which was first published by the Royal Family Channel on YouTube back on April 21, Harry can be seen calling out Meghan's nickname to catch her attention and help her out during the reception event. It's a brief moment and easy to overlook — unless you're like me, and you're totally obsessed with every detail of their storybook romance — and it shows that not only is the couple's relationship maybe more relatable than I originally thought, but that Harry also has her back at every occasion.

"Meg, Meg, Meg," the prince can be seen calling out as a lost Markle starts walking the opposite way of a coveted royal meet and greet. He supportively guides her toward the individuals the duke and duchess were to meet with, and their body language during that moment is everything.

Unsurprisingly, several fan sites are sharing the April clip, because the interaction is undeniably couple goals. Considering that some of the royal nicknames can get a little odd (Prince William apparently used to refer to the Queen as Gary), I was surprised that he calls her something quite so normal. When it comes to the nickname department, it looks like Prince Harry likes to keep things simple and to the point, but that doesn't make the monikers any less sweet.

Back on Oct. 29, the royal let slip his nickname for the couple's future bundle of joy, and he couldn't look happier as he said it. Seriously, though, my heart was melting on the floor.

As he was toasting the crowd at the Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand during his royal tour, Prince Harry said, "From myself and my wife and... our little bump. We are so grateful to be here."

I mean, how cute is that?

TBH, I didn't think that anything would compete with Markle's endearment for her Prince Charming, which she accidentally revealed back on Aug. 29.

While attending a special charity performance of Hamilton (during which Prince Harry showed off his musical chops by singing "You’ll Be Back," NBD), the couple headed on stage for a photo-op with the cast.

At one point, Markle turned around and could be heard asking her husband, "Can you see, my love?"

Isn't there something so special about catching these rare, intimate moments between the couple? Now, BRB while I watch these videos on repeat until we finally learn Baby Sussex's brand new nickname when he or she arrives in 2019.