Dog DNA Kits Are 30% Off Today For Prime Day & Selling Out Fast

Stocksy/Samantha Gehrmann

Christmas in July is finally here for Amazon Prime members, and I'm so here for a handful of deals aimed at people with fur babies. If you're a proud pet parent, chances are that you've browsed through Amazon's selection of merch and accessories for your furry friend. During the Prime Day event during July 15 and July 16, you'll want to check out the best Prime Day dog DNA kit deals if you want to score some of the best discounts of the year your purchase.

Dog parents might already be familiar with DNA kits, which are unfortunately as pricy as their human counterparts. By using technology that's pretty similar to the ones that humans use to trace their ancestry, a DNA genetics labs can look at a the two genes inherited from dog's maternal and paternal line all the way back to their great grandparents to get answers on their breed, their specific traits, their genetic markers, and more. In addition to being able to tell your friends or random inquirers about your fur baby's actual breed, one of the best parts about dog DNA kits is that they offer a comprehensive health screening. As every fur parent knows, these can be pretty expensive by themselves, so it's nice that you can find out all this background information while taking precautions about your pet's well-being all in one place.

As I mentioned earlier, DNA kits for dogs or humans can be an expensive purchase and cost up to $200, which is why I'd consider browsing Amazon's Prime Day deals now to score some significant savings. While most DNA kits for dogs surprisingly come with health screenings, not all are created equal, so I'd keep an eye out for kits that promise to deliver what you're looking to learn about your pooch.

Of the kits that caught my attention as good Prime Day buys, NEXTGEN's Canine Genetic Age Test was one of the frontrunners. While the kit normally on sells for $100, you now only have to pay $69 to learn about your pup's ancestry as well as his or her genetic age.

31% Off NEXTGEN Canine Genetic Age Test

If you're willing to pay a little bit more for a comprehensive test, the Embark Dog DNA Test sounds like it's your best bet. In addition to identifying your dog's breed and ancestry back to his or her great grandparents, you'll be able to test for 165 diseases. At $135 compared to the normal $199, the Embark test is a complete steal. However, this competitive pricing is only part of an Amazon lightning deal, so you'll have to act fast if you want to score this kit.

32% Off Embark Dog DNA Test With Health Results

While these seem like some of the only dog DNA tests that are currently part of the Prime Day promo, I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon adds more lightning deals as the day progresses. In the meantime, I'd definitely check these out and compare the benefits each one to make the best choice for your and your pup.