This Halloween-Themed Wine Lets You Choose Between Being A Good Witch & A Bad Witch

Halloween may seem like decades away, but we all know the end of summer speeds by at a frightening pace. It’ll practically be Labor Day tomorrow, then Thanksgiving before you know it, and probably Christmas the next morning. These holidays have an evil way of sneaking up on you, but one thing’s for sure. There’s probably some room to squeeze a bit of wine into your Halloween night, and wine brand Prayers of Sinners & Saints has introduced Halloween-themed wines that will do the trick. This'll really put the trick in your treat!

Whether you tend to channel your inner trick-or-treater every year or plan to spend your Thursday night in this Oct. 31, a bottle of festive wine will definitely get you a bit more in the holiday's spirit. Especially if it glows in the dark. The brand makes its wines in Washington State and is offering one red and one white option for only $10 each, which sounds eerily good to me. The wines are available online or at select retailers.

The red blend, “for the sinner in all of us,” is 90% syrah and 10% merlot. It's the more luxurious and heavy option, with notes of blackberry, violet, and cocoa. According to tasting notes, it pairs well with savory bites like beef and mole tacos or roasted shishito peppers, and — perhaps more Halloween-friendly — molten chocolate cake. To be fair, though, it probably tastes just as good with a handful of discounted Twix bars and M&Ms in bed. Not judging.

For those who prefer a refreshing white wine, the chardonnay is much lighter and features notes of citrus, pear, and melon. Its “creamy yet juicy mouthfeel” was practically made through divine intervention, the website boasts. The chardonnay was fermented to reduce bitterness while highlighting sweet, fruity flavors and can be served with a light, lemony chicken or tuna and avocado tostadas.

If you can't make up your mind, you might as well grab one of each for only $20. Both feature parchment-like labels with the Prayers of Sinners & Saints logo and a glow-in-the-dark image on the cap. When the lights are off, the images — one of a praying woman in a dress and the other of a kneeling, suited man being grasped by tentatcles — on each bottle will reveal the same hidden, skeletal pattern behind.

Whether you can’t stand the idea of staying in on Halloween or just want to host a casual night in with friends for the weekend, these wines can be an easy, affordable conversation starter and have an option for everyone. Just dim the lights and show off your glowing, interactive wine label to all your guests!

Angel and devil costumes get a bad rap for being overdone every year, but with these wines, there’s a new, delicious way to bring out the pure or evil in you without even getting dressed up. Not to mention that their creepy-crawly designs are perfect costume inspo if you're looking to try something new. Check them out on the Prayers of Sinners & Saints website, and stock up now while they’re hot. Happy tricking and treating!