Why Pisces Are In A Career Slump & What They Can Do To Get Out Of It

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy / HEX.

Pisces are known to be dreamers, people who set their sights on something that seems impossible and not only manifesting it into reality through visualization but through hard and dedicated work. Most Pisces won't stay in a joyless position at a job they hate, at least not for long. They do work they love, and because they love their work, opportunities come easily to them. However, if you're a Pisces, you might be feeling a career slump, or like the last two years might've felt like pushing a giant boulder up a steep hill, no matter how much you love the work you're doing, because Saturn has been transiting your tenth house of career.

What does it mean when Saturn, the disciplinarian planet, has settled in the area of your chart that rules your work life? Well, we'll get into that, but the fact of the matter is this: If you've been putting your blood sweat and tears into figuring out exactly where you stand in your work life and how you can improve that standing, you're about to see results manifest when this planet moves on in Dec. of 2017.

Now is the time to synthesize all you've learned and put it to use in the next phase of your work life.

Effects of Saturn

Saturn, as I've mentioned, is known as the "disciplinarian" planet, and sometimes people's attitude toward it is one of fear, as if this planet is out to get them. That's not the case. In fact, Saturn is here to help us ground ourselves, to grow up, to learn the necessary skills we need to properly adult our way through life.

When Saturn takes up residence in one house (houses represent areas of your life in astrology), it stays there for two, sometimes two and a half years. While the effects of its presence are felt in a more pronounced way Saturn first moves into a house, by the time Saturn has reached the end of its transit, you'll have an increased understanding — even wisdom — regarding that area of your life.

Effects of Saturn In The 10th House

Saturn moved into Pisces' 10th house of career on Dec. 23, 2014, and will be there until Dec. 19, 2017. When Saturn is in the 10th house, we deal with issues around our self-worth and our effectiveness in our career. Not only are we forced to ask ourselves if we are effective in our work we do, but how effective the work we do is for us, on a personal level.

Everything about your work life will come up for inspection when Saturn is in the tenth, from how much you're paid, to the pride you have in your work, to how valued your work is to the public.

With Saturn in your 10th house, Pisces, for the last three years, you've probably completely reorganized and restructured the way you make a living, and now that Saturn is at the end of it's transit, you're most likely already shifting your focus to where you're headed next. (This will be your primary focus when moves into your eleventh house in Dec. 2017.)

What You've Learned From Saturn So Far

Although the 10th house is the house of ambition, career goals, and career rewards, Saturn's function is to restrict. While this planet is in the 10th house, you've been more focused on what your limitations are, like what is preventing you from success, then be able to move on to where you want to go.

However, having honestly evaluated and faced our limitations, we push through them. For many Pisces, this has been a time of career rewards, but only when you have really taken the time to look at where you can improve your work, and taken the time to make those improvements.

You've probably had a lot of obstacles thrown in the way of your success in the last two years. You've most likely also gotten some of the recognition you've been seeking, but felt as if you had to work harder for it than you ever have in your life.

What You Have To Look Forward To

With all the challenges you've faced over the last two years, you're probably wondering just WHEN the rewards of your hard work are going to show up, and if you'll even have the energy to celebrate. The good news is you're in the home stretch. With Saturn in its last two months of its 10th house transit, you are going to have opportunities and recognition abound come December.

You've done all you can up to this point to position yourself for a higher tier of work, and Saturn will see to it that if you've left any stone unturned, you'll be made aware of it and correct the situation.

While you may have felt unsure or ashamed of where you stood in your work life at the beginning of this transit, you now have no delusions about exactly what it is you have accomplished, and you will have every reason to feel proud and secure.