Pickle-Flavored Beer Exists & It'll Be Your New Favorite Brew

Pickles are taking over, my friends. They are no longer confined to jars in the condiment isle of your grocery store. Instead, they're being used to flavor ice cream, chips, popcorn, soda, and more. Believe it or not, pickles have even made their way to the bar. In fact, one particular brewery in Massachusetts welcomed the sour snack with open arms. They created a beer that tastes like pickles — and apparently, it was so freaking delicious that it's already sold out. Regardless, once you learn more about pickle-flavored beer from Down The Road Beer Co., you'll beg the brewery to make another supply.

Down The Road Beer Co., a brewery in Everett, Massachusetts, teamed up with Grillo's Pickles to create the pickle-flavored beer. It's called "Sam-Sam The Pickle Man" — and if the name hasn't sold you already, the taste probably will. According to Untappd — an app that beer connoisseurs should hop on Sam-Sam The Pickle Man is a Spicy Dill-Pickle Sour with an ABV of 4.5 percent. Per The Boston Globe, the sour beer was brewed with the brine of spicy dill pickles from a Grillo's jar. YUM.

Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to try it — but as a pickleback shot enthusiast, I'm sure I'd be obsessed.

I say "unfortunately" because the beer is reportedly sold out. The brew was initially created to debut at Boston's Pickle Fair on Saturday, June 23, according to an Instagram post by the brewery. At the time, a limited supply was available in the taproom — but it didn't last long. As of June 26, the brewery only had 10 cases of the beer left. Fast forward to Friday, July 20, and they only have one 4-pack remaining, according to a comment on the brewery's IG post about the beer. Sigh. I suppose only those who live close to the brewery will have the chance to snag the final pack of Sam-Sam The Pickle Man. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Apparently, the pickle-flavored beer was also available on tap at Down The Road Beer Co. in the beginning of July. However, based off the beer list on the brewery's website, it is no longer an option (bummer, I know). If you're feeling pickle FOMO and wish to have a glass in the near future, cross your fingers that the brewery makes another batch.

Donovan Bailey, the founder of Down the Road, talked to The Boston Globe about the unique beer. Apparently, he wasn't expecting it to be such a hit. Bailey said, "I was actually surprised. It’s not a one-and-done. I thought it was just gonna be a novelty thing that people tried to say they had it."

Well, it seems like people can't get enough of the pickle-flavored brew. TBH, I can't blame them. If anyone from Down The Road Beer Co. is reading this, hear my plea: BRING THE PICKLE BEER BACK. I will literally take a road trip to Massachusetts just to fill my glass with a pint of the sour stuff.

If you feel the same way, keep an eye on the brewery's Instagram page and follow along for pickle updates. While you're waiting for Sam-Sam The Pickle Man to make its return, try other pickle-flavored foods that'll keep your palette preoccupied.