Katherine Langford Went Platinum Blonde & Here's 13 (Other) Reasons Why To Hit The Bleach

by Stephanie Montes
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you binge watched every episode of 13 Reasons Why like I did, you might've noticed Hannah Baker's painfully good looks (aside from the twisted story line and impeccable character development, of course). These days she looks a bit different. Photos of Katherine Langford's blonde hair just surfaced on the internet, and I suddenly feel the urge to bleach my virgin hair blonde.

Hannah Baker was no stranger to a hair makeover. Although I cringed when she cut off what looked like a whole foot of luscious waves, she pulled off the trendy lob fabulously. I love a head of mermaid-length strands but in that moment, I was convinced that even I should try a short cut.

Off the set of 13 Reasons Why, Langford is still serving up some serious hair inspo. The 21-year-old actress was spotted on the set of her upcoming sci-fi film Spontaneous where she plays Mara Carlye, a different high school student. As you might gather from Katherine's surroundings on set (creepy wooded, Blair Witch vibes), the upcoming film is as eerie as it is strange. Apparently students from her senior class are spontaneously combusting all around her. My high school days were stressful too, but damn!

Anyways, new school for Langford means a new 'do. While she might not be a real-life student, same rules apply when it comes to beauty. Her cut falls somewhere between Hanna's long waves and her shorter cut, hitting a few inches below her shoulder. And the kicker: It's full-on platinum blonde! Though she looks somewhat washed out pairing her porcelain skin with the blonde (almost-grey shade), I have a feeling that was intentional, to add to the films spooky subject.

If you've ever considered going blonde, here are 13 reasons why you should just do it already.

#1. Change Is Good

Who doesn't need a fresh start from time to time?

#2. You Might Love It

YOLO! You never know what you'll look like unless you try it. Worse case scenario, you hate it and have to wait until your next appointment to dye it back. Best case scenario, you love it and never look back.

#3: You Can Shock The Hell Out Of Your Friends

Not known for being the adventurous one in the group? Suprise your friends with a new look. Don't even warn them beforehand. Just show up to brunch looking like a totally different person.

#4: You Might Have More Fun

I've been a brunette my whole life so I actually wouldn't know, but it's worth a try, no?

#5: Your Wardrobe Can Benefit From It

There's no doubt your new dye job will completely change your look. But with a new beauty routine, comes a new wardrobe. If you've been trying to nail down your personal style, this just might be the update you've been waiting for.

#6: It's A New Year And This Could Be The Real New You

We're only a month and a half into 2018. If your New Year's resolution was to try new things or reinvent yourself, going platinum blonde is the perfect place to start.

#7: You Can Camoflauge Grey Hair Better

I have super dark hair and you can see a strand of grey hair on me from across the room. If I was blonde, the contrast between my grey hair and every other strand on my head would be less intense, and therefore less visible. And for the record: I only have two gray hairs! I'm not really sure why, but I refuse to pluck them and since I don't dye my hair, I'm SOL.

#8: There Are Tons Of Shades To Choose From

When you finally decide to go blonde, remember it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of color. If you've been a brunette your whole life (like me!), ease into it with a golden shade of blonde, something that will warm up your complexion without being too drastic. If you're a hair-color veteran, you can try something a bit more daring like Khaleesi white from roots to tips—although the maintenance won't be fun!

#9: You'll Add So Much More Dimension To Your Hair

Have you ever noticed how braids just look better on blonde hair? It's all the dimension from the endless highlights and lowlights.

#10: It's The Perfect Revenge Move

Just got out of a relationship? Go blonde. Just had a fight with your friend? Go blonde. Just left an old job? Go blonde!

#11: It's Instaworthy

Show up on your followers' feeds and I promise you'll be raking in the compliments in no time.

#12: It's On Trend

Not that it will never be in style, but every few months, a new shade of blonde becomes the "it" color of the season.

#13: You Know You Want To

If you've never been blonde before, I know you've thought about making the transition at least once. What are you waiting for? Katherine Langford did it. Why can't you?