Victoria P. and Sydney in Peter's 'Bachelor' "Women Tell All" promo

This New 'Bachelor' Promo Promises "Women Tell All" Will Be A Wild Ride


The Bachelor does this super-fun and not-at-all-frustrating thing where it makes viewers really wait for the finale. Before the final episode, the show airs a "Women Tell All" special, during which all of the contestants return for a discussion about the show and to get another opportunity to talk to the Bachelor. But while fans might be just wanting to know what happens with Peter, especially after that pesky cliffhanger in the Feb. 24 episode, The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" promo promises the March 2 episode is one you'll want to watch.

Before jumping into the "Women Tell All" preview, though, the promo gives a peek at Peter's impending rose ceremony: Since Madison seemingly walked away during Fantasy Suite Week — after she learned Peter had been intimate with at least one other contestant — only Hannah Ann and Victoria are seen in the video. Peter confirms he hadn't seen Madison since she left their date, and the other two women are seen questioning where Madison is. Meanwhile, Peter seems distraught about the whole situation, and says, "It will be definitely heartbreaking for me if she can't be here."

Now fans are left wondering what Peter will decide to do. Move forward with Hannah Ann and Victoria as his final two? Perhaps. But it seems more likely from the promo that Madison held a special place in Peter's heart that will be hard for him to move on from, so hopefully she shows up to accept a rose.


Following the rose ceremony, the promo gives a look into what will go down during the "Women Tell All" episode. With dramatic music in the background, the camera flashes from scene to scene of contestants crying, others confronting Peter, and the audience looking straight-up shook throughout it all.

Apparently "more truths come out," in the episode: Mykenna is seen telling Peter her qualms about one of the rose ceremonies, Savannah confronts another woman about her relationships in the house saying, "You wanted everyone to be against her," and Alayah comes back to address her controversial moments on the season.

Check out the full promo below for a look at what's to come on "Women Tell All" episode of The Bachelor on March 2 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.