This Never-Before-Seen Video From Peter & Kelley's First Meeting Is Priceless

by Candice Jalili

Bachelor fans, I highly suggest dropping whatever you're doing and watching Peter Weber's videos of the night he met Kelley Flanagan. Aug. 18, 2020 marked the one-year anniversary of the day the two fatefully met at the lobby of the Four Seasons in Westlake Village, California before filming for Peter's season of The Bachelor even began. To commemorate the special day, Peter posted a series of videos taken from the night and I have to say they're majorly cute.

As if the videos of them joyfully dancing with friends and even packing on some PDA atop a bar weren't adorable enough (wow, I miss 2019), Peter also included a screenshot of a text conversation that one of them had that night with a friend: "Jackie. I can’t believe this. I don’t understand what god is trying to say here. I have so much to tell you but you cannot say a word to anyone."

Peter posted all of the footage in a carousel on his Instagram grid alongside this mushy caption:

A year ago today I met this one in a hotel lobby. We danced the night away and then went our separate ways. I truly didn’t know if I’d see her again. This life is beautiful, beautiful. Let’s see what’s next ❤️ @kelleyflanagan

Both Kelley and Peter have spoken candidly about their chance encounter in the past. In fact, Kelley admitted it was their hotel lobby dance party meeting that convinced her to go on the show in the first place. "I am going to be honest with you — I didn't really want to do this at first," she told Peter during the premiere episode of The Bachelor. "I kept saying there would be a sign from God that would tell me I should do this... Meeting you there, I was like, I think this is a pretty obvious sign."

During an April 7 appearance on The Viall Files, Peter went so far as to call their entire relationship "serendipitous."

"My relationship with Kelley has been... serendipitous," Peter said. "You go all the way back to the very beginning — us running into each other before any of this stuff started. Obviously, the show happened and it didn't work out for us. Over the Super Bowl, I was in Miami and I had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl with my brother, and I ran into her on the Saturday night before the Super Bowl."

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Apparently, Peter's mom Barb agrees because she commented on his Aug. 18 anniversary post, "I’ve said before and I will say it again...SERENDIPITY!!!!❤️"

Honestly, I'm with the Weber fam on this one. If this isn't the textbook definition of serendipity, then what is?