Peter Explains How He Fell In Love With 3 Women At Once

by Candice Jalili

Love is an intense experience, and if you've never been in love with more than one person at a time, it can be mind-bending to imagine how that could actually work. Peter Weber's quote about falling in love with multiple people is about to clear some things up. After all, he's dated more than two dozen women on reality television — he knows a thing or two in this arena.

"If I wasn't feeling that way, I wouldn't have said [I love you]," Weber told Entertainment Tonight at the taping of Women Tell All on Feb. 21. "I've always been a firm believer that the heart wants what it wants, and I think this experience for sure has shown me that there's not just one soulmate out there," he continued. "I think at some point in my life, I used to think that, and I've definitely been able to give my heart to more than one person. So, it's possible."

While Weber may have felt as though he had a soulmate-level match with multiple women throughout his season of The Bachelor, he was able to narrow his search for the future Mrs. Peter Weber to three women: Madison Prewett, Hannah Ann Sluss, and Victoria Fuller. He still, of course, has to choose between the final three women during his two-part season finale, which will air on March 9 and March 10.

Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Things are especially up in the air for Weber and Prewett, who walked off during the Feb. 24 episode of The Bachelor after learning Weber had been intimate with one or two other contestants earlier that week. "I felt just like, really hurt in there, and like, I can't change who I am. I can't change what I believe in, what I stand for, what I need," Prewett, who's waiting until marriage to have sex, told the camera. She also added that she felt "torn" about how many more of her values she could compromise for him.

While some viewers viewed Prewett telling Weber she'd have a hard time accepting his proposal if he were to sleep with the other women as an ultimatum, Weber didn't see it that way. "People try to say it’s an ultimatum. It wasn’t," he told Entertainment Tonight on Feb. 26. "She simply felt I needed to know what she was feeling and I could see how uncomfortable it was for her to have that conversation with me. But at the end of the day, I’m a hypocrite if I tried to say that that wasn’t right for her to do that.”

Maarten de Boer/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

Here's to hoping Weber is able to pick between the two women he seems to love deeply by the end of his season.