Peter & Kelley Are Headed Toward A Major Relationship Milestone

by Candice Jalili

If you're missing fresh celebrity gossip thanks to the hole left in your summer TV schedule by Bachelor in Paradise, don't worry — last season's Bachelor cast is stepping up to the plate with some news. Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan revealed they're moving in together! During a July 14 interview with Entertainment Tonight, the couple shared that they will be moving to New York City with each other in either the late summer or early fall of 2020. "I'm super excited to take this next step with Kell and move to New York and to see what adventures await," Weber told Entertainment Tonight.

Flanagan insisted they're trying not to get too far ahead of themselves. "We're not on a reality show anymore, we can take our time," Flanagan told Entertainment Tonight. "We don't need to rush anything. We want to make sure each other is in the right headspace, and there's nothing wrong with that. We're happy and we're living life."

That being said, Weber has technically already given Flanagan a ring... just not the kind you're probably thinking about. As he revealed to Entertainment Tonight, he gave her a gumball machine ring the first time he told her he loved her. "Neil Lane wasn't there — I know — but I got her this little gumball machine ring," he recalled. "We were having a pool day, and I [sat her on the couch]... I told her I wanted her to remember this day from this gumball machine ring is the day that I told you that I loved you."

The two really do seem to be extremely in love. "With Kelley, it literally sounds so cliché — I can just be myself. She truly gets me," Weber said. "She's my biggest fan and she supports me and she's always there for me. I know I have my partner in crime forever."

As for Flanagan, she's always known she had a special connection with Weber. "There's always something about Peter that I knew I just was madly in love," she noted. "I just knew we'd get along." Of course, they did have to spend some time working through that whole he-picked-multiple-women-over-her-on-national-television thing. In fact, Weber is still trying to work on that. "Everything I put Kelley through... I'm still working to make it up to her for not picking her," Weber shared. "And I'm never going to stop."

Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Luckily, Flanagan seems to be pretty over their rocky past. "Trust is a huge thing, but if you just hear each other out, it's a lot easier," she said. "We've sat down and talked everything through, and it makes a lot more sense if you're on our end than the public's."

Honestly, happy for them.