Pete Davidson's quote about Ariana Grande suggests there's no bad blood

Pete Said He Hopes Ari Is “Happy” & My Heart’s Exploding


When you date Ariana Grande, people don't just forget — especially when that relationship is a whirlwind courtship that produces matching tattoos, two songs, and a broken engagement. But it's been over a year since Pete Davidson and his pop star ex went their separate ways, and Davidson has had three rumored relationships since then: first with Kate Beckinsale, then with Margaret Qualley, and now with Kaia Gerber. It seems pretty clear that he's moved on, and in a Nov. 21 interview with Paper Magazine, he confirmed as much. Pete Davidson's quote about Ariana Grande is not only amazingly mature, it also suggests that Davidson's ready to put that chapter of his life behind him.

The topic of Grande didn't come up until the end of the lengthy interview, which covered everything from Davidson's family to his upcoming projects to Accutane. When Davidson was asked if he wanted to talk about his ex, his response was pretty surprising. "I don't ever make public statements about relationships 'cause I just don't think it's right, you know?" he said. "I usually express how I feel about anything through work. So, I hope she's well. I hope she's very happy. And that's pretty much it."

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Earlier in the interview, Davidson talked about "a past relationship" in which he felt his affection wasn't reciprocated, though he didn't clarify the relationship in question. He suggested that he's overwhelmed exes in the past with big romantic gestures, and he acknowledged it wasn't fair to hold other people to the same expectation. "No expectations. Otherwise you're gonna be resentful," he said. "It's something I had to learn in a past relationship, which sucked to learn through that person, but it makes you better. I used to get really upset that this person didn't 'match' my intensity... So, I had to learn that you just have to do stuff 'cause you want to do it."

Davidson also reflected on what he's learned about dating in Hollywood. "I think when you first get in a relationship and you're on television, you don't realize that when you post a photo of you and your girlfriend, you're pretty much announcing to the world your relationship," he explained. " forget that you have to approach it differently, which is really difficult for both [people in the relationship], because the second [the public] knows you're together, it's already against you. You're losing." Although fans will never know for sure what made Grande and Davidson go their separate ways, dating under such scrutiny surely didn't help. " I'm just as private as possible," he later added. "I'm as discrete as can be."

The SNL star certainly took the lessons he learned from his relationship with Grande to heart, but thankfully, he doesn't seem to harbor any resentment. Last December, Grande wrote a post to her fans in an Insta gram Story, saying that she "cared deeply about Pete" and "will always have irrevocable love for him," so it seems like the good vibes are mutual.