People Who Seriously Despise Mornings Have These 8 Struggles In Common

For some people, the morning is full of soft rays of sunshine peaking through the blinds and birds harmonizing on tree branches. And for others, hellish circumstances are in full-swing and agonizing torment has begun. The morning happens to all of us — but that perspective of the beginning of the day has dreadful undertones for someone who despises the early hours. It can seem like there is no cure if you're one of the people who hate mornings, because the struggle is so real.

You aren't the only one who can relate to the despair, though. There are plenty of other people searching for solitude under their sheets after their third alarm clock has gone off. Can you really blame them? Our lives are run by clocks and those early morning hours are totally inescapable, especially when you have to get adulting done.

When you really aren't a morning person, you seek out even a sliver of understanding for your wake-up dilemmas. It can be hard to come by and the oh-so-long lines at your coffee spot can attest to that. For people who see the morning as a sleep-stealing crook, you can seriously relate to so many more struggles as well.

Your Alarm Has An Alarm

You are that person who definitely has five or six alarm clocks back-to-back, with 15 minutes in between. If you don't have that, there is no way that you are going to get up and be productive — or better yet, make it to work. You and your alarm clocks will always have beef.

Caffeine Isn't Always Enough To Get You Up

Sure, coffee is your saving grace when you are feeling super tired and have nothing to drive you out of bed. Sometimes coffee loses its flare, though, and you can't help but either indulge more or try to find other solutions. Those sleepy feels are hard to shake when all you keep thinking about is your bed.

You Have A Hard Time Eating Breakfast In The Morning

Many people who despise mornings can't ever really genuinely enjoy breakfast. Why can't breakfast be postponed to a later time when you're coherent enough to remember what you are eating in the first place? Food should be enjoyable, so instead of putting a plate of it in front of your hardly-open eyes, you opt for later meals.

You Calculate The Amount Of Sleep You'll Get Before Your Alarm Goes Off

Since you repel the morning, you mentally count how many hours you have until the tormentingly brighter times. You can never stop doing this. More often than not, you are dissatisfied with the amount of hours you'll be getting, and because you keep thinking about it, it's harder to fall asleep.

You're A Night Owl

Being a night person conflicts with your ability to get up in the morning. Obviously, you don't run on batteries, so the time you spend awake at night directly messes up how hard it is for you to get up in the morning. Why can't morning and night collab already and be the same thing?

You Run Late... A Lot

The morning always makes you feel like you are at war with the clock and you're playing catch up. Everyone else seemingly got a memo to be up at 4 a.m. and start their day, while you were relaxing in Snoozeville. You don't run late on purpose — it takes you a minute to comprehend that it's the morning.

You've Always Been The Last One To Wake Up At Sleepovers

Sleepovers are supposed to be fun, and you likely enjoyed the part where you all stayed up late. Unfortunately, you probably were the victim of little pranks because you were the last one to get up. Also, that FOMO was intense when it came to the morning after breakfast part. *sigh*

An Incredibly Perky, Morning Person Points Out Your AM Struggles On The Reg

Dear morning people, we need you around to remind us how mornings really aren't that bad, but stop making us feel like crap about our a.m. blues. No, we are not getting sick—we are simply wearing our despair on our faces. Now be a dear and stop pointing out every indication that us and mornings don't mix.

You might not ever be able to find the bright side of being up in the morning until the sun invades your personal space. For now, just remember that every morning means tolerable evening hours aren't far behind.