People Who Are Type B Can Seriously Relate To These 7 Things

It's always super interesting to read about what qualities determine a specific personality type. Looking up the characteristics of a Type B personality is much like looking up your zodiac sign, except these traits aren't determined by the stars or when you were born. Type B personalities tend to weigh more on the creative and thoughtful side, while Type A personalities are very competitive, according to People who are Type B have a good amount of characteristics in common, so get ready to say "same."

Of course, you may be a combination of both, so don't go in thinking you will check off every single quality for one type. When you're a Type B personality, the world is your canvas and you can't help but try to interpret the time and essence unfolding around you. It's almost like each moment is newer than the last and you aren't stressing the things in between. In fact, reports the levels of stress and anxiety are where the differences between Type A and Type B people lie. If you're pretty convinced Type B is where most of you personality resides, you have a handful of things in common with others who identify with it as well.

You Peep The Little Things

Creativity involves an analytical and interpersonal approach at times. With this in mind, you don't tend to overlook the beautiful, little things that make the whole. For example, seeing a field of flowers interests you, but looking at one by itself has your mind soaring because it's almost impossible that each one is exactly alike in every way.

You Don't View Time As Working Against You

Time is but an instrument for Type B personalities. As much as you know it will end, you don't see it as an expiration for things you want to do or get done. Instead of working against time, you find much more use in working with it as much as you can.

You Get Caught Daydreaming All Of The Time

Your mind is always wandering when you have a Type B personality. You could be outside around a bunch of people and tune them out as you daydream about something totally unrelated. It's a reflective time where you really just juggle the idea at hand and let it take your mind all over the place until it's interrupted.

You Try Not To Stress Too Much

Stress is no fun. Type B personalities often have a laid-back quality which doesn't illicit stress. This doesn't mean that goals are an unknown factor or anything. It simply means that chipping away at dreams and aspirations doesn't come with an unattainable to-do list that'll ultimately make you feel like you failed at every attempt.

You're Not A Sore Loser

Literally, it's all in good fun. Playing a game or running against someone for a promotion might put you in the gear to compete, but you're not super competitive. Because of this, if you are no longer having fun in the game or have lost the true zest and point of actually wanting a promotion, you don't mind sitting back and taking a loss.

Seizing The Moment Is What You Live For

Moments are like little opportunities to write an unwritten history, for Type B personalities. Time is of the essence, and you have no intention of letting a dull one pass idly by. Whether this means you're socializing or just taking it all in, seizing those moments is in your nature.

You Enjoy Thought-Provoking Conversations

Concepts and ideas aside from your own always peak your interest. There's so much to know and see, but you aren't overloading your brain trying to learn all of it. Instead, the idea of learning new and creative things is what drives you to seek out conversations and venture out to experience different things unplanned.

Again, don't see personality types as trying to seclude you in a little box of what you have to be forever. Everything is evolving, and your personality should be a keepsake you adore for its ability to grow and expand.