People Who Are Sarcastic AF On The Reg Can Relate To These 11 Things

Sarcasm is a 50/50 scenario — either you have it, or you don't. For those of us out there who do have it, it really is an incredibly dominant trait of your personality. Regardless of when the sarcasm made its way into your daily schedule, you know that is comes with some backlash, rewards, and ultimately a way more entertaining life. It might seem ironic that people who are sarcastic can relate to more than just being singled out as the not-so-much holding their tongue type.

It's true. Talking is very much part of being sarcastic, but it's the way you decide to compile your word choice that classifies you. Most of the time, sarcasm isn't deliberate — it just happens. Constantly, you don't even think what you said was sarcastic until someone is laughing uncontrollably or calling you a jerk underneath their breath. Oops!

Nonetheless, you have to take the good with the bad when you sail the sarcastic seas, so ahoy, mates! Sarcastic people can't always zero in on other sarcastic people until they open their mouths, of course. If you are sarcastic and you know it... don't clap your hands. Instead, face palm while reading all of these relatable AF instances.

You Feel Frustrated That You Can't Add Sarcasm As Your Second Language

Sarcasm can hardly be learned, and you strengthen it with experience. It's a skill, like a language, and it really, really sucks that you can't list this gem on your resume. Trust me, I've tried.

No One Can Ever Really Take You Seriously

Sarcasm is a form of comic relief and it makes you seem super laid-back and unaffected by seriousness. For some of us, this couldn't be further from the true. Since when is it a crime to swap panic or worry for a witty comment? One seems healthier than the other, if you ask me.

You Have To Do Damage Control Because You Hurt Someone's Feelings

Oh, feelings. You have them, but your sarcasm has masked them with a combative sealant that doesn't shatter easily. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everyone else, and your words have more than once cut like knives. Your "I'm sorry's" should have their own Band-Aid brand by now.

You Predict Comedy Punchlines Effortlessly

Comedians are sarcastic entrepreneurs. If you are sarcastic, you catch on to their punchlines before other people. It doesn't ruin it for you or anything — but when do you get that cut of the check?!

Your Parents Call You "Quick Witted," But You Know That Translates To "Smart Ass"

Parents have always had a way of shining our bronze trophies so much that you almost think they are gold. Highlighting your smart ass tendencies as being quick witted is their way of creating a socially acceptable term for your personality trait. Awe, aren't they so sweet?

You're So Used To That "Did You Really Just Say That?" Face

People hardly believe the things that spew out of your mouth. They tend to get stuck with a face that is a mix between utter shock and "I think I wan't to laugh, but don't want to condone this" face. It's basically what you live for.

You Can't Remember A Time When You Weren't Sarcastic

Maybe sarcasm has a way of making time pass quickly, but you don't remember yourself before it entered your life. It's sort of like walking— you don't really remember a time before you knew how. Although, you're certain your toddler self had some sh*t to say when you plopped face-first into the carpet.

If You Had A Dollar For Every Time You Made Yourself Laugh, You'd Be Rich

The golden rule about sarcasm is that it has to be self-satisfying, first and foremost. If you can't laugh at what's coming out of your mouth, why should anyone else? Be true to oneself and leave hurt feelings on the shelf.

You Often Get That "You're Too Smart" Comment From Elders

No one is excluded from your sarcastic wrath, because it's genuinely who you are. Older people will say you are too smart for your own good, or the notorious convo coining you as a smart aleck. But, that's not true — because you don't act like you know everything. The off-the-wall things that come out of your mouth should attest to that.

You Live For Icebreakers

Dating or group introductions are a breeze for someone who is sarcastic. It's a spotlight moment for them to say something so outlandish that it'll distract everyone else from how nervous they really are. Sarcastic people are undercover word ninjas.

You Literally Have No Filter

Since sarcasm is so quick, it can be really challenging pulling the reigns on the first thing that pops into your head. It's always the funniest when it just comes out. These things aren't ever censored, and you are totally responsible for how they affect the people you're around... kind of.

Sarcasm is a trait you don't ask for, but wouldn't give up. Sarcastic people, FTW.