People Who Are Forgetful AF Go Through These 7 Struggles On A Daily Basis

by Caroline Burke

When forgetfulness is one of your most frequent daily habits, life can become one long struggle, from the moment you leave your bed, to the time you crawl back into it. Being forgetful can cause punctuality to feel like a faraway dream, and can make even your closest friends and family start to turn on you. People who are forgetful AF go through a litany of struggles that normal, pulled-together human beings probably never have to face. It is the burden that I personally know all too well, having recently found a set of keys I'd lost months ago, stuck in the tube of my washing machine.

I lose keys, lipsticks, and credit cards on a seemingly constant rotation, and no matter how many pieces of advice my more-organized friends give me, I can't seem to change the fact that I'm a slightly disorganized, forgetful human being, and that's all there is to it.

If you have friends who are constantly forgetting something, try to have a little empathy, because it's often more annoying for them than it is for you. Here are seven struggles that forgetful people know all too well, that have the ability to make any given day a complete and utter nightmare in a matter of moments.

You're Constantly Losing Your Keys

Do I even have to explain this one? The sheer horror of not being able to find your car or apartment keys — or both — is unparalleled, because you're literally paralyzed without these things.

As someone who has lost my car key twice, I can personally say that AAA is my absolute best friend. Roadside assistance is a game changer, but beyond that, a bright lanyard or a Tile key might just be your best hope.

You Sometimes Forget To Eat Breakfast

This one isn't necessarily life or death, but breakfast is a pretty important aspect of your health, and definitely the best way to start your day. Plus, when you forget to plan ahead for breakfast, you inevitably end up eating something quick in a moment of panicked hunger, like an overpriced, to-go burrito that'll definitely just make you feel exhausted by 11 a.m. anyway.

The best way to remember breakfast is to keep it visible. Leaving a banana or an oatmeal packet on the counter will remind you to eat breakfast before you even leave the house.

You're Always Missing Appointments

Honestly, if it weren't for Google calendar, you probably wouldn't be able to get a damn thing done.

Not only are you p*ssing off your gynecologist or dermatologist when you let an appointment slip your mind, but you now have to wait another six years before they have time to fit you in again. Sigh. Hold on tight to that Google calendar, girl.

You're Very Familiar With The Day-Late Birthday Phone Call

Your grandmother sends you a $20 bill on your half-birthday, but you can't even remember her real birthday. The struggle is too real.

Facebook's birthday notifications have definitely eased this pain, but it can still be a total nightmare trying to keep up with all of the extended networks in your life. When it comes to this struggle, you should really just cut yourself some slack and send a belated cake emoji.

That One Co-Worker Whose Name You Should Really Know By Now

I am personally horrific with remembering people's names. There's nothing worse than having to pass that one co-worker who seems to know every little detail about your life, but whose name you can never seem to remember.

One trick that's actually started to help me is saying someone's name three times in conversation when you first meet them — or you can just Gchat all your other co-workers until someone has a name for you.

You Get Mad At Yourself For Forgetting To Grocery Shop

Nothing beats coming home from a long, hard day at work to your massive, gleaming, starkly empty refrigerator, with no food in sight.

Honestly, there's no solution for remembering to grocery shop besides, well, remembering to grocery shop. However, if you're looking to make the world a better place, you could sign up for Imperfect Produce, a weekly delivery service that brings you "imperfect" veggies at a discounted price. I just started using it, and it's already making my life way easier.

That Text Message From Your Credit Card Company

Oof. The "where the hell is your credit card payment, it's been a week" text is never a good one to get. Luckily, credit card apps and services are improving to make it easier and easier for us to monitor our finances — but still.

Sometimes, you really do accidentally forget to pay the bill, and other times, you maybe "forget" for a day or two. We've all been there. No judgment.