People Tweeting What They're Most #Thankful For This Thanksgiving Will Warm Your Heart

When it comes down to your turn to say what you're most thankful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table, it shouldn't be too difficult to think of at least one thing to say. I'm sure a million things come to mind, especially when looking at the family or friends you have chosen to spend the day with. Even just hearing what everyone else has to be thankful for will totally melt your heart. So, if you are prone to crying like me, be sure to grab a tissue, because people tweeting they're most thankful for this Turkey Day will warm your heart.

Even some celebrities are joining in on the grateful party, speaking out on what they're blessed to have — though anyone can join in the conversation with their very own #thankful tweet. Some people are thankful for the people in their life, the food before them, and even their sweet dogs. I know I'm specifically thankful for the Thanksgiving meal, but that could also be my stomach telling me that's the most important thing right now. Either way, take a moment and remember everything that puts a smile on your face today. It's a day all about applauding those little miracles that make life so much better.

Common Is Thankful For Many Things
common on Twitter

Hip hop artist Common is just generally thankful for everything he has in his life. No specificities needed here. It's a blanket of blessings for what is currently his status quo. And honestly, if I was a Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winner, I would be extremely happy about everything in my life as well.

Alyssa Milano Is Thankful For Children
alyssa_milano on Twitter

Alyssa Milano is a mother, actor, and activist who's thankful this year for all of the children who have impacted her. Next to dogs, cats, and a really good donut, nothing melts my heart more than seeing children smile. So, bringing happiness and equality to all children is an incredible cause to be thankful for.

Grateful For Everything, Not Just The Food
brennentaylor on Twitter

Yes, we should all be grateful for everything in our lives. It shouldn't just be the food, but we are super grateful for that food. Regardless, the message is clear that we should be happy about it all, and not just what's sitting in front of us at the dinner table.

Ryan Seacrest Is Grateful And Wishes All A Happy Turkey Day, "From My Family To Yours"
ryanseacrest on Twitter

Families come in all shapes and sizes. They could be your family by blood, or your family by choice. Either way, you should give thanks to those people who you surround yourself with for support every day. Ryan Seacrest reminds us of that, and here's a toast right back at you.

#Blessed To Have Family Time
stalley on Twitter

If I could pause on family time, and make the moment last forever, I would. Looking back on some of the greatest memories, they were probably during family time. So, when you sit down for turkey or whatever you do on Thanksgiving, remember to cherish those moments you have with the ones you love.

Thankful For Those Who Stuck Around
chelseahandler on Twitter

Even though this is a joke, as Chelsea Handler does best, it's still nice to be thankful for those who choose stick by our side. You get to pick your friends, so the ones who you spend time with are the ones worth picking and talking to. There's truth in comedy, and there's definitely some truth here that we're grateful about the ones who surround us.

Thankful We're Not Turkeys
teamgleason on Twitter

Oh, just imagine today if you were a turkey. I imagine it would be very similar to The Purge. Take a moment to remember you get a pardon today, and you can gobble 'til you wobble. That's something truly to be very thankful for.

Being Thankful For Dogs, All Dogs Everywhere
dog_rates on Twitter

Just looking at a dog makes my heart melt, so I also have to take a moment and give a big thanks to all of the incredibly adorable pooches out there. You make our world friendlier and fluffier, and we'll never be able to repay you enough. Though, a few extra treats and tummy rubs should help, right?