This Is Not A Drill: Pauly D & Vinny Are Starring In A 'Bachelor'-Type Reality Dating Show

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Guidettes, will you accept this rose? You may hear this mashup of two of reality TV's most popular phenomenons sooner rather than never thanks to Jersey Shore stars Vinny Guadagnino and Pauly Delvecchio's latest Bachelor-esque project. As the only single members of the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast, the duo must fear that the group's family dinners will be postponed in favor of co-stars' dinners with actual family, but it looks like they've found a solution to being the odd men out. Pauly D and Vinny's Double Shot of Love show hopes to help the two find love in a format similar to The Bachelor, so fingers crossed for this to lead to more Jersey Shore weddings!

MTV has just announced plans for the longtime Jersey Shore stars to unite for a new series, Double Shot of Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny. The dating competition will feature 20 single women vying for one or both of the men's affection, while Vinny and Pauly D will also compete against each other for the contestants' hearts. MTV's statement about the show reads:

Pauly D continues to tour the world as a DJ while holding down a Las Vegas residency, but are any of the contestants ready to keep up with his luxurious lifestyle? Meanwhile, Vinny is ready to get back into a relationship, but will the Staten Island keto-guido find someone to take home for Sunday family dinner?
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It's unclear if the new show's filming has happened already or if it will overlap with that of Jersey Shore Family Vacation's third season. If Vinny or Pauly makes a lasting connection on Double Shot of Love, perhaps fans can expect to see a new woman meet her boyfriend's co-stars in future Family Vacation episodes. As any longtime Jersey Shore viewer knows, Vinny and Pauly's bromance is one of the more stable friendships among the cast, so it will also be interesting to see if they're attracted to the same person. Will Double Shot at Love drama affect the group dynamic at their next beach house or suburban retreat on Family Vacation?

For now, the men just seem excited about working together again. While Pauly has only retweeted the news so far, Vinny wrote about the opportunity on Twitter, saying, "Me and my boyfriend have a new show... a crazy dating competition show... what could go wrong?"

SallyAnn Salsano, the producing force behind Jersey Shore and its previous spinoffs Snooki & JWoww and The Pauly D Project, will also produce the new show alongside MTV. We'll take this as a sign that the same quotable, kooky antics that we love on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation will pop up on Double Shot of Love. Maybe we're also in store for cameos by the Jersey Shore ladies to ensure that Pauly and Vinny's judgment is solid in this process. To paraphrase a Bachelor staple, good luck to Pauly and Vinny on this journey to find love!

Double Shot of Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny is expected to premiere later this year on MTV. Season 3 of MTV's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is also slated to debut later this year.