Paul Rudd's Secret To Not Aging Cannot Be Emulated By Us Mere Mortals, Sadly

by Hollee Actman Becker
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know how there are some movies you can watch over and over again and never get sick of? Well, for me, This is 40 is one of them. It was on yesterday, and I couldn't help but notice how freaking young Paul Rudd looks. I mean, this flick came out in 2012. Which means Rudd should be getting ready to film This is 50 right about now. And if that's not something that's actually happening it totally should be. Maybe Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogan could even reprise their Knocked Up roles this time around. How dope would that be? Anyhoo, I really need to know Paul Rudd's secret to not aging. The dude looks exactly the same now as he did back in his Clueless days when he was just 25. Whatever black magic he's using to turn back time needs to be bottled up and sold online somewhere, because I would legit buy that stuff by the case, y'all.

Rudd is 49 now, in case you didn't know. But for years, fans have been freaking out on social media over the fact that he just does not seem to get older ever. I mean, searching for any sign of aging on his face is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. And yes, that was a Clueless reference, because it's basically a law that every article that mentions the movie needs to have one.

Speaking of which, there was a pretty epic reunion for the hit 1995 Amy Heckerling flick at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo on March 23.

Here's a picture that Alicia Silverstone, who played Clueless' incomparable Cher Horowitz, posted to Instagram of herself and Rudd at the event.

Yup. He's still kind of a Baldwin.

Meanwhile, after being prodded by a member of the audience, the actor — who revealed that this was his first-ever ComicCon appearance — finally spilled the tea on his anti-aging secret.

"I’m 80 years old on the inside," Rudd explained, pointing to his chest. "It's a mess underneath all this. In here, pure darkness — and a little moisturizer."

Way existential!

Meanwhile, Rudd's co-star Breckin Meyer — who played lovable and forever tardy stoner Travis Birkenstock — had a slightly different take on the situation.

"People don't know this, but on the set of Clueless they would come and they would get us like 20 minutes before set," he explained. "Then on Paul's trailer, they would knock like an hour beforehand because he had to finish sucking the lifeblood out of the babies to maintain."

"Hey, it's a tough business," Rudd shot back.

They were joking, of course. Which sadly, means we may never know the real reason Rudd still looks like a 25-year-old at 50. Although he did recently go vegan in order to prep for Ant-Man.

"I changed my diet and I worked out a whole bunch, which was a new thing for me," he explained.

Rudd with the jokes!

Meanwhile, fans on Twitter continued to totally bug about the whole non-aging thing after clips and photos from the panel started to appear online.

And in conclusion, may I please remind you that you can haul *ss over to YouTube and watch the ageless wonder — and all the '90s nostalgia — in action right now.