Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin's Parents Revealed How They Feel About Their Kids On IG

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are just about six months into their marriage. And while fans may have varying opinions about Bieber and Baldwin’s union, their parents are 100 percent behind it. Pattie Mallette and Stephen Baldwin’s comments on Hailey’s photo of Justin Bieber prove just how much love there is in this family.

On Sunday, March 24, Baldwin took to Instagram to share a photo of her husband. The photo looks to be a promotional one for Bieber’s new clothing line, Drew House. In the photo, Bieber is wrapped up in a Drew branded bathrobe and looking at the camera.

“That’s more like it 😏 hey baby,” Baldwin captioned the post. Baldwin wasn’t the only one who thought Bieber looked great in the photo. It turns out that her dad Stephen Baldwin did, too. “Why does he have to be so cute…” he wrote, according to Us Weekly. Funny!

Bieber’s mom also shared some thoughts in the comments sections of the photo. “You are amazing @hailybieber,” Mallette wrote. “I’m so grateful for you. Xo.”

It’s pretty obvious that both sides of the family are loving Bieber and Baldwin’s relationship, which is wonderful to see. The support they’re getting is especially endearing given how much Bieber and Baldwin seem to need it right now.

In recent weeks, Bieber has been really open about living with depression. He spoke at length about it and his relationship with Baldwin in a joint interview the couple did for Vogue.

“I got really depressed on tour,” Bieber said during the interview, referring to his 2017 Purpose world tour. “I haven’t talked about this, and I’m still processing so much stuff that I haven’t talked about. I was lonely. I needed some time.”

Later on, he talked about what it means for him to have Baldwin by his side, especially because she has such a reliable personality.

“I’m the emotionally unstable one. I struggle with finding peace,” Bieber explained. “I just feel like I care so much and I want things to be so good and I want people to like me. Hailey’s very logical and structured, which I need. I’ve always wanted security — with my dad being gone sometimes when I was a kid, with being on the road. With the lifestyle I live, everything is so uncertain. I need one thing that’s certain. And that is my baby boo.”

So, Bieber is definitely working through some things right now and Baldwin seems to be standing by his side no matter what. By the looks of those Instagram comments from their parents, it appears Bieber has way more support than maybe he initially realized, which is great.

Back in February 2019, Us Weekly reported that Bieber was going to therapy for anxiety and depression. At the time, a source explained the situation to the outlet.

“He’s not in rehab,” the source explained. “He sees a therapist, but he’s not in a special center or anything. He doesn’t want to be dependent on medication. He struggles with ups and downs, anxiety, depression and uncertainty about the future.”

Needless to say, Bieber and Baldwin are working through things like any married couple would. But it’s great that their respective parents show them love, even on Instagram!