Paris Spilled All The Adorable Deets On Her Engagement

by Candice Jalili
Courtesy Paris Hilton

You in the mood for a good old fashioned tug on the heart strings? Then you've come to the right place, because Paris Hilton and Carter Reum's engagement story is bound to do just that. Hilton opened up how Reum popped the question on the first episode of her new podcast This Is Paris, which aired on Feb. 22.

"I was hoping when I found out about our birthday trip we were doing together, it would happen and I was right," she recalled. The trip in question just so happened to take place at a private island Reum rented out for the two of them to celebrate their February birthdays. "It was amazing," Hilton gushed about the island. "It was one of the most beautiful places I've ever been in my life."

The actual proposal took place their second night there. Reum was dressed in a "white Zegna suit" and Hilton in a white dress and a tiara she'd picked out to match his outfit as he'd told her they'd be taking pictures on the beach. "We walked down to the beach and... as soon as we got on the sand, all of the sudden he got down on one knee and started saying this whole speech," she recalled. "It was just, like, really, really sweet and then I just started shaking and crying because I was so excited and so happy."

Clasos/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The speech concluded with him asking her to marry him. "I, like, freaked out," Hilton said of her reaction once he asked. "He opened the box and it had, like, a light that shone on the ring and it was just sparkling like crazy and was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life and I put it on and freaked out."

At that point, Reum revealed that there were some other people on the island hoping to celebrate with them. "Then, out of the bushes all of the sudden, my sister, her husband, my brother, his wife, his mom, and his brother came out," Hilton recalled, later adding that "it was so nice that he thought to have our families there to be there to celebrate the moment and they were all, like, spying on us from the bushes, which I thought was cute."

Courtesy Paris Hilton

After a year of dating, Hilton announced she and Reum were engaged via Instagram on Feb. 17. Alongside a little video featuring a slideshow of images from the special day, Hilton wrote:

When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it. 💫 My love & I have been together since our first date, and for my birthday, he arranged a special trip to tropical paradise. 🏝️ As we walked to dinner along the beach, Carter led us to a cabana adorned with flowers and dropped to one knee. 💍 I said yes, yes to forever ❤️ There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with. ✨ To see more photos of my birthday dream come true, visit Here's to Love - the Forever Kind 💋 #Engaged #SheSaidYes

Sounds like a real-life fairytale!