PacSun Announced A New Marketplace To Highlight Black Creators

Araya Doheny/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For Black History Month, PacSun announced a marketplace for Black-owned brands. Named "Circulate Market," this new concept store comes from both PacSun and its longtime brand partner Circulate. The market includes six different Black-owned brands with their own, exclusive collections. These brands will be sold in both select PacSun stores and on its website.

Circulate Market was curated by the founder of Circulate, Corey Populus. Alongside his store, Blondie Beach Records, Bricks and Wood, Carrots, Reserved, and Supervsn Studios are the first Black-owned brands to be featured in the market. While all the brands have their own approach to style, each one is committed to creating high-quality, contemporary streetwear. On PacSun's website, you can also learn a little more about each of the companies included.

“Each one of these brands has inspired me in different ways. Even though we are all in the same space, each of them brings something different to the table through the messaging of their brand,” Populus said in a press release shared with Elite Daily. “Also the experience working with PacSun has been nothing short of amazing. They have been a huge part in the growth of the brand and continue to put amazing opportunities and projects on the table.”

The collection includes t-shirts, snapbacks, and hoodies with graphic artwork and bold prints, capturing each different brand's style. Everything is priced between $30 and $148, but there's one item of particular importance. The group of brands came together to create one joint t-shirt. With every purchase of the Circulate Arts T-shirt ($30, PacSun), 100% of the proceeds will be donated to different local charities chosen by the different brands.

Circulate Market isn't a one-time deal. Select PacSun stores will have a space dedicated to this new project, and there may be more brands joining the marketplace over time. Although there are a lot of super cool pieces you'll want to add to your cart, below are some of the items from Circulate Market's first drop.