Oreo's New Tiramisu Flavor For 2020 features the traditional dessert's flavors of chocolate, espress...

Oreo Is Launching A Tiramisu Flavor That Combines Your Fave Desserts

Courtesy of Oreo/Nabisco

Oreo is starting off the new decade with a brand new cookie. Set to hit the shelves in April, Oreo's new Tiramisu flavor for 2020 will taste like the classic dessert combined with one of your fave cookies. Since the Tiramisu Oreos aren't going to be a permanent addition to the Oreo lineup, you'll want to grab a bag of these limited-time goodies as soon as they appear in stores.

If you're wondering what this new treat will taste like, imagine an Oreo cookie with the classic Italian dessert flavors of Tiramisu — espresso, ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa powder. The dessert's layered design is already mirrored in classic Oreos, with the two cookies sandwiching the creamy filling, but the brand took it a step further with the Tiramisu Oreos by creating a two layers of creme filling. The creme filling's multilayered design not only looks like Tiramisu's layers, but it is actually two different portions of filling combined to give you the full Tiramisu flavor.

The new Tiramisu Oreos are made with the same chocolate cookies you know and love on the outside, but the creme inside is packed with the flavors of Tiramisu. Foodie IG account @TheJunkFoodAisle first shared pics of the Tiramisu Oreos on Dec. 27, and Oreo confirms the cookies are coming your way.

Oreo says new cookies will be available nationwide as of April 2020, wherever Oreos are sold. The brand hasn't yet provided pricing for the treats, but regular Oreos typically sell for $2.64 and $2.89 at Walmart and Target, respectively. So, you can expect the Tiramisu Oreos to be similarly priced.

Courtesy of Oreo/Nabisco

If you simply can't wait for a brand new Oreo flavor, you can pick up a bag of the new Chocolate Marshmallow or Caramel Coconut flavored Oreos to tide you over before the April release of the Tiramisu Oreos. Both of these flavors will arrive in stores this month. These two flavors were first announced on Nov. 7 and luckily, they are permanent additions to Oreo's line up, which means you can keep eating these cookies well into 2020.