This Tiny Detail In The Gargoyle Hideout On 'Riverdale' Is A Major Gargoyle King Clue

by Dylan Kickham

Even though Riverdale has already unmasked the Gargoyle King (twice), we all know that the real Gargoyle King is still out there. That mystery has become even more complex in recent episodes, as Jughead has begun to butt heads with the creepy new leader of the Gargoyle Gang and Archie is facing the consequences of his sacrificial branding. But there may have been a tiny clue about the masked killer in the most recent episode that fans may have missed. One name was missing from the Gargoyle King's victims list that was shown on this week's Riverdale, and it might reveal something very important about who is behind that skull mask.

Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14, "Fire Walk with Me." OK, so obviously the Gargoyle King mystery is going to go much deeper than just that reveal of Tall Boy disguising himself as the killer to do Hiram Lodge's bidding. And obviously Moose's dad only dressed up as the Gargoyle King once to try to scare his son straight. Both of those reveals are in the back-burner now, but the mysterious game of Gryphons and Gargoyles is booming more than ever and the Gargoyle Gang has a creepy new leader named Kurtz. The truth about the Gargoyle King has clearly still not be uncovered, but we may be getting close.

On Wednesday night's new episode, Archie takes a young runaway named Ricky under his wing after discovering he has the same Gargoyle branding as him. Before his death, Joaquin explained that the symbol meant sacrifice, meaning Archie and Ricky are both marked for death. But after letting Ricky crash at his home, Archie discovers that Ricky is really Joaquin's younger brother, and that he faked his branding in order to get closer to Archie and kill him for the Gargoyle Gang. Thankfully, he doesn't succeed, and he also leads Archie and Jughead to the Gargoyle Gang hideout, where the duo discover a list of all the Gargoyle King's victims.


Here's where the suspicious little detail comes to play. If you actually pause and look at the list of names, you will notice one of the Gargoyle King's victims is missing. The wall lists all of the deaths we have seen so far this season, but where is Principal Featherhead?

In case you forgot, the Gargoyle King made his first ever appearance when all the parents in Riverdale were in high school in the '90s. They formed the Midnight Club, sneaking into school after hours to play Gryphons and Gargoyles, but things got out of hand when everyone took Fizzle Rocks one night. As everyone was losing their minds, Alice saw the Gargoyle King in the hallway. The next morning, Principal Featherhead was missing, only to be discovered dead days later with the Gargoyle King's calling card on him: blue lips from drinking poisoned Fresh Aid.

Since Principal Featherhead is not among the victims on this list, it seems to confirm that the Gargoyle King who is terrorizing Riverdale in the present day is actually different from the Gargoyle King who killed Principal Featherhead back in the '90s. Maybe this new Gargoyle King heard about Featherhead's death and wanted to replicate it? We will just have to see what happens going forward.