A Freaky Accurate Study Reveals What Your Fave 'GoT' Couple Says About Your Love Life

by Candice Jalili

Game of Thrones might dominate your Sunday night TV schedule and your Monday morning group chat, but did you realize it can impact your love life, too? Well, according to OkCupid's Game of Thrones study, it can. Let me back up for a second.

On Wednesday, March 27, OkCupid launched a global Game of Thrones badge that fans of the show can prominently display on their profiles. This is the first time a dating app has ever given fans the tools to match based on their favorite TV shows. A rep for OkCupid wrote in a press release that it was inspired to create the feature after users mentioned the show almost two million times. If a user responds "yes" to the question "Do you watch Game of Thrones?", the badge will appear, thus making it easier than ever for fans to match with each other.

To celebrate the new feature, OkCupid also collected data from their GoT-loving users and crunched the numbers on what your on-screen preferences reveal about your off-screen love life. It turns out you can actually predict a lot about your love life based on which Game of Thrones couple you deem their "goals." Whether you're a huge fan of Brienne and Tormund, Jon and Ygritte, Khal Drogo and Daenerys, or Ned and Catelyn, this new study was able to tell you exactly what your favorite Game of Thrones couple.

If you love Brienne and Tormund...

If you, like 13 percent of women and 12 percent of men, would love to be in a relationship like Brienne and Tormund's, the study found that you're also more likely to challenge gender roles in relationships. And that's not all! The study also found that fans of this particular couple are less likely to think that astrological signs are important. And forget about open relationships. They're likely to be a hard pass for you... even if you really like the person. The study found that people who admired Brienne and Tormund's relationship were the least likely to be say yes to a long-distance relationship with the right person.

If you can't get enough of Jon and Ygritte...

OK, now let's talk about fans of Jon and Ygritte. This is the couple dudes were most likely to look up to. In fact, while only 27 percent of women saw Jon and Ygritte as their relationship goals, a much larger 43 percent of men chose the same couple. So, what does choosing this particular couple say about you? Well, the study found that couples who looked up to Jon and Ygritte admitted that they like to argue. They were also tied with fans of Khal Drogo and Daenerys when it came to being open to making a long-distance relationship work. TBH, it's probably a good idea to get some space from all of that arguing!

If you're all about Khal Drogo and Daenerys...

More of a Khal Drogo and Daenerys fan? So are over 26 percent of men and 47 percent of women. In fact, this couple was the most likely couple for ladies to view as their goals. As opposed to those of us who idolize Brienne and Tormund's relationship, fans of Khal Drogo and Daenerys are less likely to challenge gender roles in dating. In fact, you're pretty much the opposite of much the opposite of fans of Brienne and Tormund's relationship. While they are the least likely to be in long-distance relationships, you're tied with Jon and Ygritte for the most likely to get into a long-distance relationship. That being said, you differ from those who look up to Jon and Ygritte's relationship in that you're the least likely to argue. You're also the most likely to be looking for a one-night stands and the most likely to go dutch on dates.

If you just simply adore Ned and Catelyn...

Finally, if you're in the 13 percent of women and 19 percent of men who idolize Ned and Catelyn's relationship, the study found that you're more likely to be looking for a relationship that lasts a lifetime. So... for those of you looking for someone who wants a real LTR, try asking them who their favorite Game of Thrones couple is. If they like Ned and Catelyn, you could be in luck.

Just can't wait for the final season of Game of Thrones? Well, don't worry. You won't have to wait much longer. The eighth and final season will be premiering on HBO on April, 14, 2019.

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