This Disney Swim Collection Is Going To Make You Nostalgic AF All Summer Long

Were Saturday morning cartoons your absolute favorite thing to look forward to on the weekends as a kid? Are they still even now? Then Oh My Disney's swim collection is about you make you even more excited about summer's imminent arrival, seeing as the entire thing boasts products that pay homage to some of your favorite Disney characters and films. From swimsuits and beach bags to sunnies and pool slides, the collection's offerings are basically everything you'll need to complete your seasonal wardrobe in playful style.

If you've been on the hunt for a one-piece swimsuit (they're trending hard this year), this collection's got two of them. But they're far from any other options you'll see on the market, seeing as they star none other than Disney favorites, Mickey Mouse and Princess Jasmine/ Aladdin. If you prefer to rep Disney in more subtle style, then maybe the Lion King tote bag or pool sandals are more your style. Either way, you'll want to check out the collection in full to make sure you don't miss your perfect piece, but eight of the best offerings from the lineup are below. Your inner child is about to be totally psyched.

Grey Expectations

This suit is all kinds of retro cool thanks to its graphic greyscale design and, of course, the giant Mickey printed on its front. It's a piece that would look just as great alone as it would with a pair of black high-waisted shorts, making it the ultimate versatile summer staple.

Wild Ride

Because swan and pizza pool floats are so over! This magic carpet float comes complete with a little Abu and is just what you need to kick back and relax in style.

Golden Goals

Add some sparkle to your step with these gold sequined pool slides, which were clearly inspired by Jasmine. Featuring a royal purple footbed, they're fit for a princess.

Bag Lady

This tote was created in collaboration with Kipling, hence its slightly higher price tag. But the partnership means it's going to be incredibly awesome quality, and one look at the bag will show you just how well-designed it is. It comes with Kipling's classic fuzzy gorilla keychain so think of it as a two-in-one.

Magic Moment

Okay, this suit is definitely for the hardcore Aladdin fans, seeing as it's stamped with a photo of Princess Jasmine and Aladdin mid-kiss. It's colorful and channels the movie in its most real form—rock this if you stan the film.

Wild Thing

The Lion King is arguably the best Disney movie there is, which means this tote will definitely be a fan favorite.

Shady Lady

Simple sunglasses with checkerboard accents. It's always good to have a staple pair of shades.

Chill Spot

It can be hard to find your towel on a beach spotted with similarly colorful rectangles after taking a dip. This towel, which comes in a circular shape and features a giant Mickey at its center, would take all that confusion away.