These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Week & They'll Be Thrilled

In case you haven't heard, Venus — planet of flirtations, love, gorgeousness, and luxury — stationed retrograde last week. Spiraling through the dark, passionate, and jealous sign of Scorpio, this retrograde packs a deadly sting that will radiate throughout your entire life. While this will certainly be a journey through the shadows of your heart, that doesn't mean you also don't have countless reasons to enjoy it, especially because as of October 8, 2018, this will be the best week for these zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, and Capricorn. Don't forget that you'll get to revel in the joy just as intensely if your rising sign happens to fall here as well.

As always, the cosmos affect each of us differently. It all depends on the astrological placements of your birth chart and how evolved you are in your spiritual and physical journey. While one cosmic event may inspire dread and insecurity in one person, it could have the opposite effect of making someone else feel ecstatic and in love. And, despite what astrology can tell us about the universe, let's not forget that you always have free will. Even when the cosmos are putting you through the wringer, it's you who chooses how to react to what the universe is giving you. Keep all of this in mind, because Libra season is bearing so much reward for these zodiac signs.

Gemini: You're Going To Feel Like A Creative Genius

When the sun is moving through your fifth house of creativity, fun, and pleasure, you're enjoying a period of inspiration unlike anything else. You're being bombarded by brilliant ideas and an insatiable desire to manifest those ideas into reality. The universe is doing whatever it can to help bring forth your artistic genius and bring you opportunities to realize your innermost desires. All five of your human senses are being titillated, so enjoy yourself for the duration of Libra season. It's bound to be an exhilarating and sexy time, filled with fulfilling expression and beautiful creations.

Once Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Scorpio and lights up your sixth house of work, you'll be motivated to do whatever is necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Libra: You're About To Meet The New And Improved You

After the new moon in Libra, it's clear you're just beginning an exciting and fulfilling new journey toward becoming your best self. Just look at the way your life is already reshaping before you. Can't you feel that something unbelievable is about to happen?

While your ruling planet, Venus, may be in the middle of a confusing, possibly even stressful retrograde, the power of your solar return is even stronger. You're currently shedding your skin like a snake, releasing yourself from everything you've been through over the past year. It's a beautiful and rewarding process to watch yourself move beyond the person you've been, only to look forward into a future you never realized could be so bright. Take a good look at your dreams. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to become?

Capricorn: You're Career Will Make So Many Strides

Lucky for you, the new moon in Libra lit a fire in your 10th house of career. This just happens to be your ruling house in astrology and it announces something major in your life path. It's time to think about where you are in life. Are you succeeding? Is your success bringing you happiness? Are you being rewarded and acknowledged for your hard work? Make decisions that suit your greatest goals in life.

You're a naturally career-oriented zodiac sign and fulfilling your potential is incredibly important to you. Use the cosmic energy surging through the air this week to bring yourself closer to the finish line than you've ever been before. Prepare to feel a jolt of excitement flush your world. You may just be onto something.