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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be On Cloud 9 The Week Of October 14


When the sun is in Libra, the season of autumn takes its first few breaths. There's a chill in the air, the natural world is shifting in color, and you can sense it's time to let go of the past and find harmony in the present moment. This transition may feel bittersweet for some, but for others, it's a welcome change. This is one of the many reasons why October 14, 2019 will be the best week for these zodiac signs.

Although you'll never be able to take the beauty away from Libra season, this time has been full of heavy realizations and harsh doses of reality, thanks to pressure from karmic Saturn and obsessive Pluto. However, now that loving Venus and chatty Mercury have entered Scorpio, doors to new possibilities are opening. Scorpio is famous for its regenerative powers, smoldering passion, and desire for true depth. As Mercury forms free-flowing sextiles to Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto throughout the week, you're getting your gears going and seeing things from a new angle. This is a beautiful time to engage in something artistic, spend time with loved ones, and get some serious work done. The opportunities are as vast as you are. When Venus sextiles Saturn on Oct. 20, you'll find some stable ground in your relationships. It will be easier to repair conflicts and build something that can last.

Everyone can find something positive in the astrology slated to take place this week, but those born with their sun or rising sign in Gemini, Libra, or Scorpio are on cloud nine. These transits are hitting their charts in gorgeous ways, and here's what they can expect:


Gemini: You're Feeling Inspired And Motivated To Be Creative

Have you ever created art that allowed you to get over something that had been weighing on your chest? Have you ever allowed yourself to fall so maddeningly in love that it shot your heart into outer space? All of that is possible this week, but it might require you to let your guard down and embrace a serious change. Remember, obsessing over maintaining control ultimately leaves you powerless. Set something free and watch how magic boomerangs back into your direction. Take a beautiful idea that you have and start planning for its execution. Believe in the promise of something new.

Libra: You're Dazzling With Power And Absorbing Confidence

Whoever said growth was easy has never truly grown. It's only when you're facing the parts of yourself that are difficult to face that you gain clarity. This week, you have the power to triumph over your weaknesses and use your failures as fuel. Perfection is boring. Without your screw-ups, you wouldn't be anywhere near as multi-dimensional and authentic as you are. You are worthy of everything you may have at some point believed yourself to be unworthy of. Even if you're feeling those growing pains, you're enjoying the spiritual soreness. You know it's only making you stronger.

Scorpio: You're Attracting So Much Positive Attention Everywhere

It's a magical time to be you, Scorpio, so use the powerful and positive energy to your advantage this week. You're seeing things through an empathetic lens, discovering a deeper creativity, and feeling responsible enough to get the job done. Whatever it is you've been doubting you can accomplish will be much easier to accomplish than you think. Even though there are ghosts from your past still harboring space in your heart, you're healing them by taking action. Reach out to others, marvel at the present moment, and believe in yourself. There's no reason not to.