Girl walking in the fall, having a bad November day.

Things May Be Extra Emotional For These Zodiac Signs The Week Of Nov. 25

Despite the holiday season, some zodiac signs might be in the middle of a rough patch right now. In particular, the following three zodiac signs will have the worst week of November 25, 2019 — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — because the cosmos are exerting more pressure on them than usual, which could make things overwhelming or possibly extra emotional.

If your sun or rising sign happens to fall under one of the aforementioned trio, it would make sense if you're feeling a little off. Luckily, there are so many colors bursting through whatever you're feeling, and chances are you're finding something beautiful in spite of everything.

A new moon in Sagittarius takes place on Nov. 26, and for earth signs, it will touch on some sensitive areas. It's a time that will force them to confront the truth of their feelings, and if the truth is difficult, they may require some extra support and understanding this week.

Fortunately, that support will be easier to find soon, because on Nov. 28, thoughtful Mercury will connect with empathetic Neptune, encouraging conversations based on caring and healing. Find someone you trust with your heart and talk about what's going on. As loving Venus later forms a trine with surprising Uranus, you may be gratified by the relationships you form through vulnerability and honesty. Know you're never alone.


Taurus: You're Being Encouraged To Let Your Guard Down

You're in the middle of an intense time, as you're being asked to let go of people, things, and commitments that are leading nowhere. Even if you've invested so much of your heart, it's wise to know when you should let go.

However, you're receiving so much support from the people who are here to stay. Even as the past becomes the past, the future is also looking more and more exciting. Allow yourself to become excited about all the new things you'll finally be available for. Those chains pulling you down are being unshackled, freeing you up for new projects and new relationships.

Virgo: You're In Need Of Some Respite From The World

Even though the world puts pressure on you to be productive, win, and come out on top, so much of your success begins in your own heart. All the accolades in the world won't matter if you don't feel safe inside your own skin. Take a break from trying so hard to prove yourself and let yourself be accepted by yourself. Create a sacred space in this world that is yours and yours only. And don't think taking a break means the excitement comes to a stop. You're in a great position to meet a new partner, or fall in love with an idea or a new hobby. Inspiration is brewing inside you.

Capricorn: You're Healing On A Deep And Powerful Level

You're confronting your inner feelings in a way most people can't currently understand. If you feel remote from the world, you're not wrong for needing some alone time. You may feel surprised by the emotions that come up, but take time to listen to your intuition, as there is something important you're coming to terms with.

Regardless, the world is taking notice of you. People are seeing your beauty, your talent, and the way you light up a room when you enter it. Everyone is waiting for you, so don't think you're being forgotten.