Noah Centineo Booked The Lead In An Action-Romance Film That'll Make Your Heart Flutter

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Noah Centineo just landed his next big gig! And if you loved him in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, then you’ll definitely love his next film. Noah Centineo’s next film Valet is not exactly a romantic comedy, but there’s definitely an element of romance to it, so you won’t be disappointed at all! The film is more than its content, though, since it’ll be Centineo’s very first leading role in a major motion picture, which is amazing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Valet is an “action love story” that centers around a valet driver, played by Centineo, who gets caught up in a government mission to capture an international arms dealer. That doesn’t seem very romantic, does it? While details about the film are scarce right now, THR also reports that Centineo’s character will be accompanied by a government agent during the film. So, maybe that agent will be his love interest? But I suppose everyone will just have to wait and see!

The film, which is the first from the production company Proxima Media, will be directed by Assaf Bernstein. Bernstein also directed Netflix’s Fauda. So, some interesting names are already attached to it, which probably means it’s going to be good!

Producer Mark Burg seems to have total faith in the film. “From the moment I read this script I wanted to make it,” he told THR. “With talent like Noah and Assaf, it’s in great hands and we will see an awesome movie.”

Burg will be producing Valet alongside Michael Lambert, Daniel Herther, Brad Kaplan and Brent Baum, according to THR.

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In a September 2018 interview with Esquire, Centineo referred to a romantic action film that he was hoping to land. Though he didn’t refer to the film by name, Centineo seems to have been talking about Valet.

“There's one specific script out now that I want to do," Centineo told Esquire. "It's f*cking incredible. It's a romantic comedy action film. It's just so perfect."

Well, if Valet was the film that Centineo was referring to in this interview, then he got his wish! And that must feel amazing. I mean, imagine landing your dream job and being able to say that it was your very first leading gig. That’s what Centineo is experiencing right now, so he’s definitely making his mark on the world.

Of course, Centineo has already made his mark on a lot of his fans. Many of them know him from his days on The Fosters. But it was his summer of Netflix hits that really made him a household name. In addition to starring in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, he also had a part in Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Both of them were Netflix films, both were released in summer 2018, and both were pretty big hits among fans. And now there’s Valet and his role in the upcoming Charlie's Angels reboot. So, Centineo’s star is definitely on the rise!

Centineo actually seems to be deeply aware of how lucky he is. "It’s a pretty f*cking blessed life, man. I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m grateful," he told Esquire.

Blessed, indeed!