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Noah Centineo Will Be In DC's ‘Black Adam’ With The Rock & I’m Freaking Out

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Noah Centineo might've gotten his big break on Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before, but his next project is far from the sweet high school rom-com. His upcoming feature is, in fact, nothing short of intense. Noah Centineo will be in DC's Black Adam, so fans better buckle up and get prepared to see a new side of the actor.

ICYMI, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is set to star as the lead in the new DC Superhero film Black Adam, based on the fictional character from the DC Comic books. In the original Black Adam comics, the character Black Adam was initially featured as the archenemy of Captain Marvel and was imprisoned for five thousand years — presumably after he freed the Seven Deadly Sins and nearly destroyed the world. In the modern comics, however, Black Adam was remade as an anti-hero willing to do anything to protect his people. While no official plot details have been revealed for the upcoming film, it seems the movie will pick up after Black Adam's release from prison. "5,000 years later, I'm free, and I give you my word, no one will ever stop me again," his character teases in the trailer.

But Black Adam isn't your typical crime fighter. "As we all know, superheroes have to exhibit a little bit of restraint in taking care of the bad guys," Johnson teased at a DC FanDome panel for Black Adam on Aug 22. "[Black Adam] does not practice restraint. That combination makes him explosive, very dangerous and very likable, at least to me."

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Centineo is confirmed to play a character in the movie called Atom Smasher, a decedent of super-villain Cyclotron, from whom he inherited superpowers that allows him to alter the size and density of his body.

"Al — his real name, Al Rothstein — really has something to prove," Centineo teased at the FanDome panel. "His grandfather was kind of a villain. What I love about the character is he goes through this transformation... Because this is his first mission, it's this journey that he goes on of what it means to be a superhero."

If you're excited to see more of Centineo, you could get even more than you bargained for, because his character might literally be larger than life in the film. "I don't mind being the size of the Empire State Building," Centineo teased.

Black Adam is set to premiere in theaters on Dec. 22, 2021.