Noah Beck's Zodiac Sign Makes Him An Affectionate & Loving Partner

Despite a recent scare to the contrary, TikTok stars Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio are still very much on. The rumor they'd split began with a since-deleted tweet by D’Amelio saying "im single lol :)” on November 2. That sounded fairly cut and dried, but fortunately D’Amelio quickly cleared things up. When asked by a fan on Instagram whether they were broken up, D’Amelio simply replied “no never.” Whew! While that's certainly a relief, all this turmoil might have made you wonder what Beck's like as a partner. Well, according to Noah Beck's zodiac sign, the guy's all heart and always down for a cuddle.

Beck was born May 4, 2001, under the sign of Taurus. That means he's pretty much a dream partner for anyone who takes commitment seriously and loves a lot of affection — like, a lot of affection. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, and in the case of this sign that means they lead with a warm and open heart, but they also have an appreciation for the finer things. In a perfect world, they'd have a partner to enjoy it all with. In other words, you can expect a comfortable life with a Taurus, both literally and emotionally. Here's what else we can surmise about what Beck's like as a partner based on his zodiac sign.

Taurus is an old fashioned romantic at heart.

While Taurus might be grounded, their connection to Venus means they have a more romantic and emotional side than their fellow earth signs. They go with the old-school kind of romance. They love traditional gestures and don’t shy away from expressing how they feel. They love to make their partner feel special and making plans to celebrate their connection. And since Taurus also loves nice, expensive, and pretty things, you can bet that whatever they do for their partner will be all luxe and glamor. Also, since they're so driven by touch, they're more than happy to spend a weekend just cuddled up under high thread count sheets with the one they love.

They're the definition of stubborn.

While Taurus is pretty even-tempered and can go with the flow for the most part, there's no moving them when they do dig into a position. Taurus is renowned for their stubbornness and it can sometimes seemingly come out of nowhere. And arguing with a Taurus is pretty much like going up against a brick wall when they feel that they're in the right. Your best bet is to step away from the argument and let them cool down. Only then do you have any chance of swaying their opinion.

They're very loyal to the ones they love.

There's practically nothing that Taurus won’t do for someone they care about. They believe in commitment and traditional values, like keeping their word and giving their whole heart to someone. They also get very protective of their loved ones. They won’t put up with anyone mistreating them and, if they see it, well, just look out for the bull's horns.

They're reliable and dependable.

You can always count on a Taurus partner because they're the opposite of flighty or mercurial. They're steady, straightforward, and happiest when paired up with someone who loves and appreciates them in return. They aren’t afraid of commitment or speaking their mind, so they don't play games and you always know where you stand with them. Basically, if you’ve had a bad run of relationships with wishy-washy partners who don't seem like they know what they want, Taurus is a total breath of fresh, confident air.

All this really just translates to one thing, and it’s that Tauruses like Beck are pretty much the sweet and loving partner you’d hope he would be. Celebrity crush validated.