NikkieTutorials Posted A Video Of Her Fiancé Doing Her Makeup In Dutch & It's TOO CUTE

Tristar Media/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'm not exactly ~thrilled~ about ending 2019 single, but at least I can live vicariously through my beauty community faves and their significant others, right? If you haven't seen NikkieTutorials' video of her fiancé, Dylan, doing her makeup, prepare to get ALL the warm fuzzies, as well as just a tiny bit of envy at how cute their relationship is. Nikkie is real with fans about her private life, but she takes care to not show the special people in her life on camera too often, so a 15 minute video with Dylan is a real treat for fans — even if he doesn't have the *best* makeup application skills.

At the start of the Netherlands-based beauty influencer's video, she acknowledges how frequently her fans ask her to film with her fiancé, and also notes that her most successful video of 2019 was one filmed entirely in Dutch, her native tongue. With both of these things in mind, she decided to end the year with a video of Dylan, aka Mr. Tutorials, doing her makeup while speaking Dutch. Don't worry, there are subtitles! The whole thing is 15 minutes of cuteness, and even though I don't speak Dutch, it's definitely one of my fave NikkieTutorials videos of the year.

Spoiler alert, while Nikkie is a beauty pro, Dylan is, uh, not. He doesn't exactly nail the glam — even noting that it looks better on camera than IRL — but it's clear he's making a ton of effort, and that alone is adorable enough to give him a pass.

That said, I truly thought Nikkie might call off the engagement after this eyebrow sabotage:


Someone tell Dylan that chunky, block-like Instagram brows are so 2018! In between product applications, Dylan spoke about life with a celeb fiancé, and shared how much he loves to see Nikkie's fans spot her in public, freak out, and ask for photos. The only downside? "We can never speak about private stuff when we're eating in public," said Dylan. True that — you never know who's around!

Dylan did Nikkie dirty when it came to brows and falsies, but all in all, the look came together in the end:


It's not Nikkie's most glam moment, but the sweetness outweighs the bad fake lash application! Here's hoping Nikkie convinces Dylan to star in more videos in 2020 as they prepare for their upcoming wedding. Fans love Mr. Tutorials!