Nicole Kidman Said She Is Down To Do 'Big Little Lies' Season 3 On 1 Condition


The second season of Big Little Lies ended with a courtroom throwdown that shook up all of Monterey. But the question plaguing every fan of the show is whether or not that will be the last we ever see of the Monterey Five. After the first season ended, the second season seemed like a long shot, but that ended up happening, so could a Season 3 potentially be down the line as well? Nicole Kidman would do Big Little Lies Season 3, she recently said, so there's some hope; although she does have one very important condition to signing on to any future seasons.

Following the climactic Season 2 finale of Big Little Lies, Nicole Kidman spoke to the Daily Telegraph in Australia about the chances of making another season. Kidman said that she and the rest of the central cast would love to make a third season, but that she would only participate in it if everyone was OK with returning.

I think we would love to do a Season 3 because there is certainly ideas, but we would not do it without all of the same people involved … even the kids.

While that certainly sounds promising, it is also a pretty tall order to try to work around the schedules of some of the most famous actors currently working. Although Nicole Kidman's statement indicates that there is interest in everyone returning for another season, it also underlines the difficulty of trying to coordinate a production period with constantly working movie stars like Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Zoë Kravitz, Shailene Woodley, and now the newly added Meryl Streep.


The hesitancy echoes a statement that HBO president Casey Bloys made about a potential third season for Big Little Lies a couple of weeks ago. Bloys said that he would jump at the chance to work with all of the actors again to make a third season, but because of how hectic their schedules are, he does not think another season of the show is a realistic possibility at this point.

So basically, all we really know about a potential third season right now is that it sounds like everyone wants it to happen, but it might be impossible simply due to scheduling.

There is also the question of where the story of the Monterey Five could go following the Season 2 finale. Spoiler alert: The rest of this post contains spoilers from the Big Little Lies Season 2 finale. In the final episode, Celeste was finally able to retain custody of her sons by exposing Mary Louise's own history of abuse in court, Madeline renews her vows with Ed, a fed-up Renata leaves Gordon, Jane is finally able to further her romantic relationship with Corey, and Bonnie tells her mother she loves her prior to her death. The final moment shows the Monterey Five entering the police station together, implying that they are all going to confess to their involvement in Perry's death.

Given that final twist, a new season could follow the Monterey Five either in a court case following their confessions or possibly serving time. Since Bonnie was the only person with an active role in Perry's death, there is also the chance that she may be the only one to get jail time while the other four women receive other punishments. We will just have to wait to see if a Season 3 does happen to find out the repercussions.