Your Freezer Is About To Get Slimed, Thanks To New Nickelodeon Slime Popsicles At Walmart


It's a great time to be alive if you've always dreamed of getting "slimed," or, at the very least, covering your tastebuds in Nickelodeon's trademark bright green goo. OK, so you might not be actually tasting the network's OG slime recipe anytime soon, but TBH, Nickelodeon Slime Popsicles and Ice Cream Cups at Walmart sound like they're even better than the original. With patio season just around the corner, these frozen treats are a nostalgic summertime dessert that any '90s kid can get on board with.

From the sounds of things, the original recipe from 1979's You Can't Do That On Television — which was revealed to be vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring, and a little oatmeal by former Double Dare host Marc Summers back in June 2017 — has nothing on this tasty 2019 update, which is available at Walmart stores starting on Monday, April 29.

On Thursday, April 25, People first exclusively teased that popsicles and ice cream cups inspired by the neon green goo and Nickelodeon's trademark colors were coming to the retailer as an exclusive offering. The ice cream cups, which contain "low-fat vanilla ice cream and green icing swirls" for a slime-infused treat, will retail for $4.97 for 12 servings, meaning you're paying just about 41 cents per cup, according to the product description on Walmart's website. That's a deal that'll make you feel like it's the '90s all over again.

Meanwhile, the popsicles (which go for $2.97 for a pack of 12, or about 25 cents per pop, according to Walmart's website) are a fitting tribute to Nickelodeon's trademark colors with "combination of creamy lemon lime and orange ices," per the publication. If you're looking for a sweet and sour citrus treat to cool you down this summer, this sounds like a pretty good bet.


Unfortunately, there's no telling if this is a limited-edition offering or if these two treats are around for the long run, as Walmart didn't respond to an Elite Daily inquiry on the subject by the time of publication.

Still, I have a feeling that these bad boys will be flying off of Walmart's shelves, considering the superstore's successful track record with Nickelodeon-inspired products. Walmart previously proved that it knows its way around slime-inspired food with its Slime Sauce Ketchup, which it debuted back in June 2018. While I've always thought of the bright green substance as a sweet one, thanks to host Summers' revelation two summers ago, it was fun to have a savory condiment to add some nostalgia to my summer BBQs. The Walmart-exclusive item was a ketchup that had green food coloring added in, which transformed "corn dogs, French fries, and chicken nuggets" or whatever else you wanted to layer it on into a slime-covered meal.

So, while you might not have been one of the lucky few to get slimed at the Kids' Choice Awards on March 23, you can head to your local Walmart and choose from a few different options to bring plenty of '90s nostalgia home to your freezer or your summer BBQ.