Taylor's Reaction To Niall Horan & Fletcher's "Lover" Cover Will Make You Smile

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Taylor Swift and Niall Horan's friendship is too pure for this world. When Swift dropped her Lover album in August 2019, Horan supported the singer's release on social media, revealing his favorite song off the album is none other than the title track. Now, seven months since then, Horan covered the song with Fletcher. Niall Horan and Fletcher's cover of Taylor's Swift's "Lover" is so different than the original, and Swift loves it.

Fans know Swift has a lot of famous friends, like Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and Gigi Hadid, to name a few. Horan is also part of Swift's friendship circle, and every time the stars interact, fans can't help but burst with excitement. In June 2018, Horan even joined Swift on stage at Wembley Stadium to perform his song "Slow Hands" as part of her Reputation world tour.

Swift and Horan haven't hung out much since then, which is understandable due to their busy schedules, but they give each other shoutouts on social media every once in a while. After Swift dropped her seventh studio album, Lover, in August 2019, Horan showed Swift some love on Instagram. "This song is a classic and it's so important for music. @taylorswift," Horan captioned an IG Story post. "THANK YOU NIALL!!" Swift wrote back.

While fans hoped the two singers would collab, they got the next best thing: Horan covering Swift's "Lover" with Fletcher. Unlike the original ballad, their rendition of "Lover" is an edgy rock tune with electric guitars and drums in the background.

Hear Horan and Fletcher's "Lover" cover below.

"It's nice to get out of the comfort zone and try something different. When it came to deciding what song I was going to do, there was only one option for me. 'Lover' is one of my favorite songs I've heard in a long time and Taylor is a good friend. Let's hope she likes it," Horan told Rolling Stone.

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Swift definitely enjoyed their take, and she shared her reaction on IG. "This is absolutely STUNNING. @NiallHoran & @FindingXFletcher Love you guys," she wrote.

To hear more of Horan's amazing vocals, fans can listen to the singer's second album, Heartbreak Weather, due out on March 13.