New Bud Light Lemon Tea Beer Might Just Replace Your Favorite Shandy This Summer

Courtesy of Bud Light

In my opinion, there's nothing like sitting in the sun with a shandy at hand. Sure, I have a few favorites when it comes to lemon-flavored beer, but it looks like I'll have a new go-to choice this summer. That's because Bud Light Lemon Tea beer is here, and it seems like the perfect beverage to sip in the sunshine. By the looks of it, the new brew will provide the refreshing lemon taste that you know and love along with tea flavors for a sweet twist.

How does the brew get those flavors, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. According to Bud Light, the new Lemon Tea beer is brewed with actual lemon peels. Therefore, if you like a touch of lemon in your boozy beverages (like me), you'll probably enjoy it. Now that you know where the "lemon" taste comes from, you're probably curious about the beer's tea assets (it is called "Lemon Tea," after all). Believe it or not, the brew is "aged over real tea leaves," according to an email from Bud Light to Elite Daily.

Between its hints of lemon and subtle taste of tea, I'm going to assume that the Bud Light Lemon Tea will replace your go-to shandies of the summer.

Courtesy of Bud Light

If you're hoping to give Bud Light Lemon Tea a try, buy a pack sooner than later (if you're 21 years old, of course). According to Bud Light, the flavor will only be available until September 2019. That gives you just enough time to enjoy it throughout the summer, so go ahead and stock up with your friends. According to Bud Light, this new flavor can be found in mass retailers wherever beer is sold. IMHO, it'd probably be best to call your local liquor store and ask if they're carrying it before heading out for a visit.

If you end up trying it and loving it, then I have good news for you. Lemon Tea isn't the only refreshing flavor in the company's "Real Citrus Peels" beer collection. Other refreshing options include Bud Light Orange and Bud Light Lime. Like Bud Light Lemon Tea, the other fruity selections use authentic citrus peels throughout the brewing process. As you could imagine, Bud Light Orange uses real orange peels and Bud Light Lime uses real lime peels.

With that being said, I'm going to guess that all flavors included in the collection are refreshing AF.

Courtesy of Bud Light

According to an email from Bud Light to Elite Daily, Bud Light Orange is a permanent year-round flavor as of summer 2019, thanks to high demand from fans of the sip. More of a lime fan? Per the company, Bud Light Lime will be going away anytime soon. So, if you grow to love a citrusy kick in your brew this summer, you can even enjoy it long after the season is gone.

Thankfully, it's not even summertime yet — and you still have a ton of time to try the limited-time lemon tea flavor before it disappears in September. As always, drink responsibly.