Lily Collins stars as Emily in "Emily in Paris."

You've Been Pronouncing 'Emily In Paris' Wrong This Whole Time

Stephanie Branchu/Netflix

Nov. 11 was a big day for Emily in Paris fans. Not only did Netflix announce the wildly popular (and widely panned) series will be returning for a Season 2, but the streamer also dropped a major truth bomb about the show. Following the big renewal announcement, Netflix tweeted the proper pronunciation of Emily in Paris, and to put it simply, pretty much the entire fandom (at least those based in the U.S.) has been saying it wrong.

Timed perfectly with the big Season 2 reveal — which came in the form of a memo from Emily's fictional boss Sylvie stating the American would need to remain in Paris for her job — Netflix put out a social media blast saying: "Friendly reminder Emily in Paris is supposed to be pronounced with a French accent so 'Emily' and 'Paris' rhyme."

Excusez moi? Why did no one mention this earlier? Was this always the case, or something Netflix is ret-conning to cause a stir among fans? As of now, it's unclear whether Netflix is just trolling fans, or legitimately correcting the pronunciation (the way Emily so desperately needs correction on the show). Whatever the case may be, fans are taking to Twitter to express their disbelief in this new development — often clapping back with some hilarious responses.

Even Ashley Park, who plays Mindy on Emily in Paris, was surprised by the pronunciation news.

This isn't the first time Twitter has had a *lot* to say about the Netflix show. Many viewers have developed a love/hate relationship with it, poking fun at everything from Emily's questionable social media expertise to the broad stereotypes into which many of the French characters fall.

Whether you hate-watched Emily in Paris or were genuinely swept up in its escapist, romanticized portrait of the city, all that buzz around the show has made the series an undeniable Netflix sensation since it first hit the streaming service on Oct. 2. According to Nielsen's ratings, the show landed in the Top 10 most-streamed series for the month of October. Given how much hype Emily in Paris is still getting, it's unsurprising the Season 2 news came just a little over a month after it debuted. This new pronunciation guide for the show's title just adds to the hype that will follow the series into its next set of episodes.