Jerry on Netflix's 'Cheer'

Here's Where To Follow Netflix's 'Cheer' Cast On Instagram


Whenever you tear through a series on Netflix, it can be really hard to come down from it and return to the real world. But when that series is a docuseries, you don't actually have to say goodbye to the people on screen once the show is over. That's the case with Cheer, a six-part documentary that follows the Navarro College cheer team members as they train for the cheerleading National Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. Since they're a real squad, Netflix's Cheer cast members' Instagrams are readily available, so you can continue to track their stories even after they end onscreen.

In the six episodes of Cheer, audiences get to see both the professional and personal ups and downs of the Navarro College cheerleaders. The cameras follow the squad during their training and also into their homes, where they express their love for their sport, and also open up about their lives off the mat. The same is true of their Instagram accounts. From posts supporting their teammates to behind-the-scenes videos at practice to the enigmatic Navarro team motto #FIOFMU, the Cheer cast's Instagrams are filled with all the spirit and energy that makes the show such a must-watch.

Gabi Butler

Gabi was already a social media influencer before Cheer, so you can imagine the Netflix show has only helped her grow her following even more. You can follow her account to keep track of her career as one of the top cheerleaders in the country.

Jerry Harris

Jerry has burrowed deep into the hearts of Cheer fans thanks to his resilient spirit and infectiously positive energy. He seems to have returned to Navarro after a stint at the University of Louisville and is "better than ever."

Lexi Brumback

At the end of Cheer, Lexi was kicked off the team, which was a dark spot on an otherwise uplifting ending. But there's good news: According to Lexi's Instagram, she is back on the squad.

Morgan Simianer

After deciding to stay at Navarro College at the end of Cheer, it looks like Morgan has left Corsicana, Texas, but her Instagram is still full of love and gratitude for her fellow Bulldogs.

La’Darius Marshall

La'Darius calls himself a "public figure" in his Instagram bio, so he's clearly embracing the newfound fame that Cheer has brought. The high-spirited athlete posts plenty of pics and videos from his time as a Navarro cheerleader and a Cheer Athletics Wildcat.

Mackenzie "Sherbs" Sherburn

Sherbs' fall on the mat is one of the most memorable moments of Cheer, but luckily the athlete has since recovered. She's now a cheerleader at Texas Tech, which she highlights a lot in her posts.

James Thomas

James' Instagram is filled with positive vibes and highlights from his extensive cheer and dance career.

Austin Bayles

Austin is part of the Texas Tech squad along with Sherbs, and he says being a Navarro cheerleader has "changed [his] life forever."

Will Hernandez

Will shows off his dedication to Navarro and the sport of cheerleading as a whole throughout his whole Instagram account.

Allie Ross

Allie is a high-spirited cheerleader who makes it clear on her Instagram she's ready to head to Daytona for the National Championship again.

Monica Aldama

Coach Monica has led the Navarro cheerleaders to be National Championship winners 14 times, so she's not messing around when it comes to cheerleading. Her Instagram documents cheer training and life in Corsicana.

Andy Cosferent

Andy is Coach Monica's right-hand man, and he clearly has a lot of love for Navarro. He wrote on Instagram, "This program, this team, these individuals make it all worth it! I will forever be thankful and cherish every memory and relationship with every single one of them!!!"

Kapena Kea

Student assistant coach Kapena provided a ton of the commentary throughout the whole docuseries, and toward the end, revealed some really raw moments from his own life, sharing how cheerleading helped him through it.

The Official Navarro Cheer Account

There's no better place to follow the Navarro cheerleaders than directly at the source.

To get more of these championship-winning athletes, you can watch (or re-watch) Cheer on Netflix now.