Netflix cancelled 'Daybreak' after one season.

Wow, Netflix Canceled 'Daybreak' After 1 Season Despite That Major Cliffhanger


The sun has officially set on Netflix's post-apocalyptic zombie series Daybreak. The teen dramedy dropped its 10-episode first season back in October, chronicling a band of misfits trying to survive a nuclear wasteland that mysteriously only killed adults. The season ended with a major twist and a ton of unanswered questions, but since Netflix canceled Daybreak, fans will likely never find out what happens next.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the series finale of Daybreak. The Season 1 finale of Daybreak, which now also serves as the series finale, ended with a huge twist as Sam Dean surprisingly declared herself the new ruler of the post-apocalyptic world after helping to take down Baron Triumph. The season also ended with a bunch of still-unsolved mysteries, including what caused the nuclear holocaust in the first place, what Sam's surprising turn might really mean and what exactly Ms. Crumble had become. That last point was probably left as the biggest mystery of all, considering Baron Triumph's dying words were a warning that Ms. Crumble was hiding the "real threat," and the fact that she was inexplicably able to survive an inferno in the final moments of the season.

Shortly after the series debuted, co-creator Aron Coleite confirmed to Inverse that the show's writers were already working on a second season, which he promised would "really turn things on its head," and theories about Season 2 began even before the first season ended, and even included a pretty convincing argument that aliens could come into play.

However, in a note to fans posted on Twitter on Dec. 16, Coleite confirmed Netflix did not renew Daybreak for Season 2 despite his wishes, and he thanked the fandom for enjoying the show while it lasted.

Fans of the show did not take the news well. An outpouring of support for the show and outrage over its cancelation has flooded feeds.

One fan even created a petition to make Season 2 happen. As of the afternoon of Dec. 18, it has roughly 5,000 signatures.

Sadly, unless a streaming miracle occurs, or the show's creators decide to share what they had planned for the gone-too-soon series, viewers will likely never get to see their beloved show again — or get the answers to the many questions it left behind.