The Season 1 finale of 'Daybreak' is spawning theories about aliens in Season 2.

This 'Daybreak' Theory Could Explain A Lot About Season 1's Wild Ending


If you have already marathoned your way through all 10 episodes of Netflix's new post-apocalyptic teen series Daybreak, then you probably have a lot of questions right now. The Season 1 finale ended on a bunch of cliffhangers, and fans are already coming up with theories to try to explain what was going on in that particular scene. Spoiler alert: Don't read on until you've watched the Season 1 finale of Daybreak. After that shocking Principal Burr death scene, some fans are probably wondering: Will Daybreak Season 2 have aliens? It certainly seems like a convincing theory about where the show could be headed.

The biggest WTF moment in the Daybreak Season 1 finale came after Josh stabbed Principal Burr with his peanut butter-covered sword. Although Burr mysteriously had become immune to stabbing, his nut allergy wound up killing him, but not before the most grotesque scene of the entire series. While dying, Burr warned Josh, Sam, and Ms. Crumble of "the real threat to come," which they had all been ignoring in their fights with one another. Just then, a bloody arm burst out of Burr's torso, and Burr dropped a hint that Ms. Crumble may have this same being inside of her.


Unfortunately, viewers got no answers at all about this strange arm, since Josh and company had a nuclear bomb to diffuse and were then left shellshocked by Sam proclaiming herself the new ruler of Glendale in the aftermath. So... what is this arm thing and could it really be inside Ms. Crumble, too?

My theory is that Burr's death is meant to tease a new, intergalactic threat in the potential second season of Daybreak. After all, Daybreak is a show that is built on movie references — especially '80s-era movies like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Mad Max — and the hand erupting from Burr's stomach is a clear reference to Alien. Adding to this theory is the fact that nobody seemed to know what set off the apocalypse-causing nukes in the first place. When Angelica was trying to diffuse the rocket, she found its system was written in a hodgepodge of different languages. Is it possible something from outside of Earth was responsible for the apocalypse this whole time?

Simply from a story standpoint, if Daybreak is picked up for a second season (which has not actually happened as of Oct. 29), the show needs a new threat, since Baron Triumph is now dead. Sam's power-grab at the end could make her an antagonist in Season 2, but it still feels like a bigger sci-fi element needs to pose the true threat for the season. With nobody left alive on Earth aside from teens who got a specific HPV vaccine, it could make sense that this threat could come from another planet entirely.

Of course, all of this puts an even bigger question mark on Ms. Crumble than ever before. It is still not clear how she survived the nukes, but it seems likely that it's because she has the same creature inside of her that Burr did. If Season 2 does get picked up, then you can bet that finding out what is inside Ms. Crumble will be a major part of it.

For now, fans will just have to keep holding out hope that Netflix will announce an official renewal of Daybreak soon.