The 'Daybreak' Season 1 finale strongly suggests a Season 2 pickup.

Fans Are All Asking The Same Big Question About Netflix's 'Daybreak'

by Dylan Kickham

Will Daybreak see the sun rise again? That's the question everyone who already devoured the new post-apocalyptic Netflix series is asking, especially since the Season 1 finale ends on a massive cliffhanger. The final episode of the debut season introduced a ton of unsolved mysteries and unexpected twists that totally set up a second season... but will there be a Daybreak Season 2? Netflix has not yet officially picked up another season of the offbeat teen dramedy, and has not responded to Elite Daily's request for comment at the time of publication. However, co-creator Aron Eli Coleite confirmed the finale twist was meant to set up a new season, and that the Daybreak writers are already working on new episodes.

"We are currently writing Season 2," Coleite revealed in an interview with Inverse. "We have the full writers room going, and Season 2 really turns things on its head." Fans who watched all the way to the end of Season 1 already got a small taste of how this potential second season would majorly shake things up.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Daybreak. The main mission in Daybreak's debut season was clear from the get-go: Resourceful outcast Josh Wheeler was on a quest to find his missing girlfriend Sam Dean after nuclear bombs turned Glendale, California, into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In the end, Josh actually did reunite with Sam and helped his new friends Angelica, Wesley, and Ms. Crumble kill the villainous Baron Triumph and avert the nuke he was planning to set off. But... there was no happily ever after for Josh and Sam, as Sam totally shot down Josh's dreams of running off together and instead shocked everyone by proclaiming herself the new ruler of Glendale.


Yep... it's a turn Josh certainly didn't see coming, and since the bulk of Season 1 was told from his perspective, the viewers were totally blindsided by Sam's last-minute power grab as well. Coleite teased that this shift in perspective from Josh's view of Sam as a damsel in distress to Sam's actual mindset (which is still largely a mystery) will be the crux behind Season 2, if Netflix orders it.

"Everything about this show is about point of view, and who is telling the story," Coleite said. "The hint I can give is, you can’t trust us. You can’t trust anybody. You have to think about who is telling the story and their point of view, and how and why they’re gonna tell the story in the way they’re gonna tell it."

But Sam's villainous turn is not the only shocking moment from the Season 1 finale that seemed to set up another season of Daybreak; there is also the unsolved mystery of what Ms. Crumble really is. Crumble suffered a traumatic brain injury around the time of the nuclear fallout, and for some reason, she has been able to hold on to her humanity despite every other adult becoming a mindless Ghoulie. There are even more concerning things going on with her, though.

The finale showed Baron Triumph (aka Principal Burr) bonding with Crumble, suggesting they are one and the same. When Josh killed Burr, a strange alien-like arm erupted from his stomach, and Burr ominously warned of "the real threat" that was coming. Could Crumble also have one of these strange monsters inside her? And how was she able to survive the rocket's flames in the finale? There is still so much about Crumble that Daybreak has not yet told fans.

Since Netflix has not picked up a second season of Daybreak just yet, fans who are hungry for more will just have to keep a lookout for any update from the streamer over the coming weeks.

Season 1 of Daybreak is on Netflix now.