Why My Mom Is My Favorite Person To Travel With, Hands Down

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As someone with a whole lot of wanderlust, I have a list of destinations I want to travel to that continues to grow every year. If I could, I'd drop everything I'm doing, pack my bags, and go. Unfortunately, I have to save up the funds and find the time first. However, those are the only two factors that put a halt on my plans. It's because I already have my travel buddy for life picked out, and that's my mom. You may be wondering why my mom is my favorite person to travel with, but whenever I dream of going someplace new, she's just the first person who comes to mind.

It's always been obvious to me that my mom is the greatest travel companion. She showed me how awesome she was since day one, and my family would go on vacation to visit my grandma or sail the seas on a Disney cruise. I loved spending time with my entire family, but my mom always made the experience 10 times better. Even now I find myself calling her up to convince her to go on a dream trip to Japan, and hashing out the details of our first European adventure together.

I can't wait for all of our future adventures together, because I know traveling with my mom guarantees these eight things. If your mom is also your favorite travel buddy, you can totally relate.

We Have Similar Taste In Food
Rachel Chapman

For me, food is everything when I travel. It's about tasting new cuisine, and finding the most Insta-worthy dishes. Luckily, my mom and I share the same love and appreciation for good food. Whenever we travel together, we both prioritize where we're going to eat.

She's The Best Photographer Around

Whenever you travel, you need someone who's willing to take a few pictures of you in front of the cool sites. My mom has always been my favorite photographer. I feel no shame putting on a little photo shoot with her snapping away wherever we go. She's also very good about sending me every picture she takes on vacation, so I don't have to keep begging her for them.

There's No One Else I'd Rather Share Once-In-A-Lifetime Experiences With
Rachel Chapman

When you go someplace special, you want to share those experiences with the people who matter the most to you. If I'm doing something I want to remember forever, I want to have my mom right by my side.

She's My Best Friend

A best friend is someone who will make you laugh, have your back, and is down for the adventure. That not only describes the best travel companion, but it's also an accurate description of my mom. She's essentially the PB to my J, and you can't break that bond apart.

It Saves Me From Having To Recap A Trip To Her Later

I'm someone who calls her mom pretty much every single day. If it's not a phone call, I'm at least texting her. If she's on every adventure with me, I don't have to recap all of the experiences later on. Plus, it'll save me a ton on roaming charges and international data plans.

We Love Doing The Same Activities
Rachel Chapman

I am my mother's daughter. Therefore, I love doing essentially whatever she does. We never have to argue about what to do on our travels, because we're so like-minded. As a matter of fact, on our upcoming cruise, it was so easy choosing excursions, because we instantly picked all the same ones.

I Feel Comfortable Being My Complete Self Around Her

I can be my most authentic self when I'm around my mom, and it's such a relief. I can be upfront and honest about what I want to do, and don't have to just go with whatever flow everyone else is going on.

It Gives Me An Excuse To See Her
Rachel Chapman

Since my mom and I live long-distance, the only time I get to see her is for holidays and vacations. I'll use any excuse to make that happen. Sometimes, that just means meeting each other in Paris — and that's not a bad idea at all.

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