7 Traditions To Start With Your Family That'll Trump The Miles Between You

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If you have an incredible bond with your family, they're the most important people in the world to you. They have been a consistent support system throughout your life, and you love them endlessly. Although, it can be difficult keeping in touch with them on the daily when everyone's scattered throughout the country. I totally get it — you wanted to follow your dreams and move away from the nest. You see them over holidays, and even plan mini getaways in between, but there are some traditions to start with your family right now that'll trump the miles between you.

Traditions may have been a staple with your family since day one. From baking cookies around the holidays, to going on an annual summer road trip, you look forward to and cherish these traditions. I don't know about you, but traditions are probably the reason I'm able to stay so positive on the regular, because I always get excited for the next one to come.

Knowing that you always have these seven traditions to look forward to in the future will definitely keep your family connected while you're apart. Your physical distance may be far, but the bond you have is tighter than ever.

Do FaceTime Yoga When You're Having A Rough Day
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My mom has always been the person I go to when I'm having a bad day. Of course, I vent to her, but we also started doing yoga via FaceTime. She'll set up her phone to face the TV, and we'll both follow along with a yoga video. It really helps to make me feel better, while also making us feel like we're in the same room.

Send Each Other Seasonal Care Packages

My family loves to send care packages. In the spring, I get things like Girl Scout Cookies and Easter candy. In the winter, I get cozy socks and an advent calendar for Christmas.

Sending packages in the mail can seem like a lot to remember, but sending one package per season will make it easier. Fill up your box with goodies specific to that time of the year, and it will really brighten up your family's entire fall, winter, spring, and summer.

Send Cheesy Birthday Cards, Because They're Essential
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Find the cheesiest birthday card at the store. You know the ones I'm talking about with cute animals with bug eyes and punny sayings inside. Send those hilarious cards to your family members in the mail for their birthday. It's honestly really exciting to get physical mail nowadays instead of an email. Your family will love it.

Plan Non-Holiday Trips To See Each Other

Coming home for the holidays is already a given, so planning a non-holiday trip to see each other once a year is necessary. This could be your annual summer vacay, or a quick trip out of town each year to the family cabin or lake house. Either way, it's a great excuse to see each other in the off holiday season, so you don't have to wait so long to hug your favorite people in the entire world.

Pick A Movie That's Your "Stop Everything And Watch It When It's On" Movie

You know those films that are constantly on TV, and they're your favorite. To me and my family, it's You've Got Mail. Whenever one of us sees that it's on TV, we immediately text the whole crew which channel it's on. If we're home, we drop everything we're doing and watch it. We also send each other text updates and our favorite quotes. It feels like we're watching the movie together again.

Share Recipes To Eat Together Like One Big Family Meal

If you miss the good old days of having your entire family together for dinner, recreate that with long-distance family meals. Share new recipes you can't wait to try, and have everyone make it together in their separate kitchens.

You could even FaceTime while you're cooking to share some pro chef tips you discover along the way. When you sit down to eat, you'll all be sharing the same meal together.

Make Some Of The Same New Year's Resolutions To Hold Each Other To
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Every year we make New Year's resolutions. It may be difficult staying on track unless you have someone holding you accountable. That's what your family is for.

It helps when you make some of the same goals together, like spending more time on your passion projects or trying to cook at home more instead of ordering takeout. You can send each other new recipes or call each other whenever you're working on your passion. Look at you — following through on your goals and getting some quality family time in as well. It's a total win.

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