This Is The One Hack Your Zodiac Sign Needs For Better Mornings In 2018

I've always loved astrology. As a kid, my mom taped a little newspaper clipping of my zodiac sign, Taurus, onto my door, which told me all about what being born on May 1 might mean in relation to my personality. We Tauruses love being surrounded by beauty, we're sensual, reliable, stubborn, and hate change. Especially since I identified with these traits, checking my horoscope has always provided me with a little extra guidance to navigate the more challenging parts of my character. Thusly, I'm here to provide you with some morning hacks for 2018 in accordance with your zodiac sign! Since the struggles that we all face with our unique zodiac personalities probably begin at the start of the day, why not prepare to start out right from the moment we wake up?

In case you usually characterize yourself as a "non-believer" when it comes to horoscopes, here's a little extra context to get you in the astrological spirit: The zodiac is a belt of the sky that includes the sun, the moon, the planets, and the star constellations that make up all the zodiac signs. Your sign is determined by where the sun is placed in the sky on the day you are born. And astrology is basically the study or philosophy that there's a correlation between what's going on in the sky, and the events that take place down here on Earth.

So, whether you think it's all hogwash or you're a total believer, take a look at some of these morning hacks that might — just might — help you start your day on the right foot.

Capricorns Could Use Five Extra Minutes In The Morning

OK Cap, while you're apparently practical, ambitious, and careful, you also tend toward being pessimistic — which doesn't always make for a great start to the day, amirite?

Consider taking five minutes in the morning to sit, breathe, have your coffee, and make a list of things you're grateful for.

Aquarius Should Start Her Day By Opening Her Heart

Ah, brilliant and intellectual Aquarius, you do have a tendency to be unattached and unemotional. Picture a morning where you do something that connects you to your heart and opens it right up — like meditation or yoga, or even both! This could really help you stay centered, and it'll even encourage you to send good, peaceful, positive vibes to others as you move through your day.

Pisces Needs To Get Out Of Her Own Head

Intuitive, imaginative, sensitive — these are great qualities, no? But you can also be vague and wishy-washy, Pisces. Try exercising first thing in the morning to get you into your body and out of your head to ground you for the day ahead.

Libras Thrive When They Plan Ahead For The Day

Fix yourself a nice breakfast, one you've chosen in advance at the grocery store at the beginning of the week. Make sure you lay out your clothes the night before so you don't have to change your mind a million times, and always have a plan for your day before it actually begins.

This way, that mind of yours, which tends to be rather indecisive and changeable, doesn't have too much to think about in the morning.

Self-Care Is The Best Way For A Scorpio To Start Her Day

Powerful and intuitive as you are, Scorpio, you also have a tendency to be obsessive and jealous. Are you still focused on that rather rude comment your friend made yesterday, or a work meeting that didn't go as planned?

Do something in the morning that's all about self-care and setting yourself up for a calm, centered day. Give yourself time for a quick, inspirational reading with your breakfast, a meditative walk around the block, or a moment to sip on a green tea at your favorite cafe before work with a journal by your side.

Sagittarius Will Tackle Her Day With A Calendar To Guide Her

Sagittarius, you're optimistic, open-hearted, and oh so philosophical. But you do need to watch out for your irresponsible side. Do you often forget about that early morning work meeting, or that today is the due date for your British literature paper?

Make sure you have an easily accessible calendar in full view in your room that you keep up to date, and check it each night before you go to bed. This way, you know exactly what you're in for in the morning.

Smiling Or Laughing Is The Best Way For Virgo To Start Her Day

As a natural perfectionist, you tend to worry and be overly critical of yourself and others. Think about doing something in the morning that simply makes you happy. Put on your favorite song and dance around your room when you wake up, or get up a little earlier than normal to make pancakes before work.

Set a low-key goal each day to do something that feels frivolous and simply makes you smile or laugh.

Leo, Start Your Day By Having A Positive Convo With A Loved One

Oh Leo, you are so confident, generous, and warm. But you can be patronizing, too, and a little bossy, which can get people annoyed and make them feel like they're not being heard, and in turn, that makes you feel bad, too.

Start your mornings by giving a friend or family member a call to tell them something kind: Maybe you'll wish your younger sibling luck on their science test, or call to simply tell your aunt you love her. Oh yeah, and if they begin to complain or talk about that same ol' thing, just listen. Try not to always add your two cents, and you might find that things will run a little more smoothly for you.

Cancers Feel Best Starting Their Day Solo

Cancers can be so emotional and imaginative! But sometimes, Cancer, you can also have an issue with being a bit clingy, and you often have trouble letting go of the little things.

Give yourself some alone time in the morning — no texting or social media, and no continuing that intense talk with your SO from the night before.

Take a shower, meditate, or just go for a walk with headphones and listen to music, all by yourself.

A Gemini Gal Should Focus On Setting Intentions In The Morning

Feeling like you're being pulled this way and that, my dear? Try setting one small intention each morning for yourself, Gemini, to help ground and center yourself. Do things in the morning that calm you: Consider switching from coffee to tea, or doing a little journaling right when you get up to combat those more nervous parts of your personality.

Taurus, Put Your Alarm Clock On The Other Side Of The Room

A Taurus is notoriously stubborn, which means they really, really do not like to do things they don't want to do.

Instead of refusing to get up in time for your meeting because you're sleepy, or not eating breakfast because you'd simply rather not put something together, put your alarm clock across the room and put together a healthy breakfast the night before that you can grab right out of the fridge.

Maybe it makes life a little harder in the moment, but it in the long run, small preparations make life a whole lot easier.

An Act Of Kindness For Someone Else Will Brighten An Aries' Day

Aries, you're energetic, funny, and smart, so make sure you intend to share those gifts with others throughout the day, since you do tend a little bit toward the selfish side.

Each morning, choose either a small act of kindness for the day (even if it's just getting someone a brownie at work), or reach out to a friend or family member just to see how they are, even if it's with a simple text. Thinking of others is sure to bring you more joy each day.

Enjoy the coming year, my zodiac friends!